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The teenage dickhead phase..

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Obie is a git. A large, beautiful git. Now about 15 months old, he is not the cuddly loving morph replacement that I guess I was longing for. Ophie is sweet..still timid and not a lap sitter but paddles her blankie next to me, rolls and loves her tummy rubs and lets me groom her for ages.. she's a dear little cat and I can see her becoming more loving as she gets older.She is obviously bonded to us, especially DS1.. she cries when he's on sleep nights at work!

Obie.. treats us like muck! Slopes in, fills his face, conks on the bed for a while and buggers off again. Not purry, not cuddly and tolerates about 2 minutes of grooming before he either leaves or bites me! The best I get is him slumping next to me now and again..he usually flops at my feet, but doesn't seem to enjoy being stroked except on his terms... 3 belly rubs and that's it!

I find it quite hard as I want to cuddle him! I want him to love us!

I've never had this before.. even Portia who is emphatically NOT a lap cat, purrs and rolls when we come home.. purrs as she slaps me when she wants something.

Is there hope he will become more affectionate when he matures? Morph was always totally loving, my lap bot from day 1 and I miss that terribly sad

Gratuitous pic of the day.. he's only in because it's cold and his sister had been giving him a wash grin

cozietoesie Wed 29-Jul-15 09:59:25

I'm not entirely sure what to make of her look. Slightly embarrassed, perhaps?

How do they get on?

chockbic Wed 29-Jul-15 11:05:59

She's thinking how grown up she is grin

He may well come round, as he matures. No doubt everything is exciting at the moment. Wait until he becomes jaded wink

cozietoesie Wed 29-Jul-15 11:22:22

It's summer - which matters not so much where I am (cold and rain) but can matter a lot if you're in a warmer clime. (It's his first one outside as well?)

You'll likely have to put up with being 'the wallpaper' for a month or so - it's just difficult to compete with the flobbly birds, smells, exciting things...........

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 29-Jul-15 21:28:48

Ours was a cuddly kitten but we didnt see him for the first summer, he only came home to eat but in the winter was much more of a mummies boy.

We lived in quite a cold house though so maybe thats the way to go?. If he wasnt on my lap he was chilly.

They are so gorgeous though. I dont think he's grown into those paws yet.

tangledyarn Wed 29-Jul-15 22:02:35

Mine is the same..12.months and no interest in me atall anymore (and she's very bitey unfortunately)
She just wants to be outside all the time and when she's in sleeps in another room..hoping she might become a bit more cuddly as she ages but console myself that she's super happy running around after butterflies all day grin

timtam23 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:38:42

It may just be his age

Mine was very skittish last summer (he was 1 at the beginning of last july), lots of staying out overnight, tearing around the local neighbourhood with another local youngster, not particularly cuddly once out of the tiny kitten stage, he went missing for a few days last spring which caused much anguish

This year he has calmed down a lot, still likes to spend time popping outside in the evening/overnight (he is bold with us but very timid with strangers & does not like noisy children so I think he prefers to be outside when it is quiet) but he also sits on my lap a lot & has a bedtime routine of coming to bed when I do, & sitting on my chest for a stroke before going out for another prowl around. I have given up trying to keep him in all night although I do worry about him. He was a stray kitten & I think has retained some of his early "streetwise" life skills!

RubbishMantra Sat 01-Aug-15 07:08:33

But what a strikingly handsome teenage dickhead he is! And look at Ophie, with her tufty ears of awesomeness. grin

My own partiicular teenage dickhead is stalking about the bedroom, knocking things off every surface. A bit of peculiar wailing and teeth chattering at the birds through the window. And gallumping about after MCat like a small elephant. He doesn't understand the concept of a weekend lie-in. sad

But he's just jumped onto my bed, climbed on my lap and announced he wishes to have a snooze with me, so all is forgiven.

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