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Handholding please, Cat has not come home :(

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maxybrown Thu 23-Jul-15 23:07:51

I let him out at about 7 this morning as per usual. He had a small amount of his food and off he went.

Not been around since, not once, not all day. DH is off work and been outside all day - nothing. Lovely neighbour who looks after him for us not seen him either at all sad

Feel so sad. Our last cat got knocked over in october and we got George then. He is 13 months old and neutered and never really goes far, he just likes to be around us usually.

Am so so sad sad

CtrlAltDelicious Thu 23-Jul-15 23:14:15

I hate this feeling. sad
Chances are he's ok. Warm weather, temptation to explore, etc. My boy Scabbers buggered off for FIVE days last year, it was awful. I was convinced he was dead.
Hold your nerve, keep the cat flap open and get yourself to bed. Hopefully he'll be back during the night.

maxybrown Thu 23-Jul-15 23:18:52

We don't have a cat flap sad But my neighbour does and he might go in there.

Thanks for replying. I know there's nothing anyone can say really just wanted to share with people who understand. I remember a cat I once had disappeared for 3 weeks, we found him and he stank of old people and was all mingy.

What makes it worse is we go away on Saturday sad

MrsNuckyThompson Thu 23-Jul-15 23:31:08

Don't worry too much just yet! This time of year mine tend to hardly come home. The warm weather, long dusks and many baby animals make this perfect hunting time!

Tiptops Thu 23-Jul-15 23:40:15

Oh no, the feeling of one not coming home still makes me feel sick and all my cats are indoor only now! One of my cats did go missing for a few days, usually she was locked in garages/ sheds especially when the weather was nice.

Plenty of hope yet. Can you get out tomorrow and ask neighbours if you can check their gardens/ sheds/ garages. Posters are OK but not many people will look as thoroughly as you would for your own cat if you see what I mean.

He's not that old really, he could have been spooked and hiding close to home but too scared to come out at the moment.

Hope he turns up soon.

Really hope he turns up soon. Obie recently got trapped in a neighbour's house for 5 days.. no food or water (he'd snuck in as she loaded her car to go away.. he's a nosy boy) and he was absolutely fine..hungry but not even really dehydrated! So try not to worry about his survival if he's stuck somewhere... they really do last.

He's the same age as Obie, and Obie really does go walkabout... I have resigned myself to not worrying til I haven't seen him for 48 hours now, as in the warm dry weather he likes to wander.

Everything crossed for you!

RabbitsarenotHares Fri 24-Jul-15 10:03:34

Any sign of him yet?

maxybrown Fri 21-Aug-15 22:59:24

I'm so sorry I'm only just getting back onto this. We went away and I haven't been able to find my thread as I now have no I'm on threads :/

Anyway he came home at 5am the next day. He was in our back garden and came sprinting up and ate like he'd never eaten before in his life. All his claws were ground down and a couple were bleeding so guess he had got trapped in somewhere. He was so so scared and every noise made him jump for the first couple of days.

Thanks for everyone who commented. TipTops I think you mis read ha ha - he is only 13 months so no not old at all. grin

Interesting though a lot of cats have gone missing form the surrounding area recently sad

Pancakeflipper Fri 21-Aug-15 23:00:50

Harrah!!! Glad they've returned to food and cuddles.

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