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Cat sitting/feeding etiquette

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GirlWhoWearsGlasses Tue 21-Jul-15 13:17:28

Have approached neighbours win a fairly new cat to feed my cat next weekend. Haven't done this before but I think it is a good reciprocal option. If you do Thai do you shut cat in or let it come and go as it pleases? We're inner city and I don't really like him out all night - though tbh he more in danger of catnapping in the day as he's quite a striking Abyssinian

He might go a bit crazy though but it's only three days. Would have to put an extra cat flap in as currently only one goes into a porch rather than main house.

What's the etiquette?

RubbishMantra Tue 21-Jul-15 16:52:56

If I'm away, for a few days, I lock the catflap. The last thing you want while you're away is a frantic call from your neighbours telling you that puss has gone missing.

Ooh, an Abyssinian! They're such gorgeous cats.

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