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Cat stealing

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Littlemisshappy12 Sun 19-Jul-15 01:52:50

am really upset and just want to ask advice on here as I am being told different things.

Our cat is getting old and we have had him a long time. No problems but a neighbour with a young child has been feeding him and keeping him in.

They denied on many occasions the cat was there even when he was seen in the window. I explained we have had him a long time, has a loving home and is part of our family. Asked them to stop feeding him and to put him outside so he will go home.

They knew we were searching for him and distressed but they just don't care.

He got confused after some period of time and we found a huge difference in his behavior. Not like that cat we knew and another neighbour of ours commented on this as he has always been affectionate and purrs away. It was very odd and he was confused.

Decided to keep him in for a while but it was not fair as he is an out door cat and he wanted outside. In the time he was at home he was back to his old self and just as loving as ever.

So decided to let him back out. For a month he stayed close by but then ventured to explore.

Now we have a problem again. He has disappeared which is out of character now and after searching and being upset he was seen in their house crying at the window when he heard us. He wanted out.

Knocked on door but nothing. It's back to the same nightmare as before. We miss him and they know it.

Last time she made ridiculous comments like he was not being fed enough and always wanting food. She obviously doesn't understand our cat would eat until he exploded. Think most of them would and also at that time he had the freedom to go out late or whenever he wanted. She turned around and said he should not be out a night. Tell that to cat!

I'm worried about him as they have obviously been keeping him in or he would have been back.

I have read posts on here to get an idea to what has happened to others as I really don't understand why someone would take someone else's cat when it clearly has a good home.

I called the police but they said it was not a matter for them its animal welfare. He is microchipped and there should be documentation as we adopted him many many years ago.

Can someone please advice me how I stand. I contacted animal welfare but they referred me onto police. They said they can't do anything but totally understand my situation as it happens a lot.

I can't sleep. Just want my cat back. Please let me know what u think I should do as I just feel so distressed right now.

code Sun 19-Jul-15 07:16:54

They've effectively stolen your cat. It IS certainly a matter for the police so I would go back to them. It might be better to pop into the local police station rather than call the non emergency number. You could also see a solicitor who can write to the neighbour. What a horrible thing to happen, I hope you get him back soon.

fenneltea Sun 19-Jul-15 07:55:47

Agree with code, you are the owner of the cat which is your property that has effectively been stolen. I'd continue to firmly insist that the police take your complaint seriously and complain to the chief constable if you aren't satisfied that they are taking action.

All it would take would be a knock on the neighbours door by them to have a word, the local neighbourhood officer could probably sort it out.

Littlemisshappy12 Sun 19-Jul-15 11:00:15

I totally agree and it was so disappointing from one to refer to the other. Feeling frustrated about it all. Still no sign which means he is trapped in. This is my baby he is treated like a child always has been. she said before he has been fed cheesecake. These just don't have a clue about the pain it causes stealing an animal. I just don't understand some people. You can't just take someone's let because you like it it be different if they were unaware he had a good home. I'm so gutted. Also heavily pregnant with High Bp so this is really not helping

cozietoesie Sun 19-Jul-15 11:51:30

Is it just her and her child?

Littlemisshappy12 Sun 19-Jul-15 16:40:49

Update police were excellent. Hoping it's resolved

PeanutButterOnly Sun 19-Jul-15 17:49:48

Gosh I am glad it looks like it will be solved. How upsetting. We had something a bit like this over 10 years ago, with now sadly departed rescue cat. But he was 'adopted' by an elderly neighbour who clearly had some mental health issues. She would feed him and so he half lived at hers. She would also come over and accuse my dh of beating the cat amongst other things. I felt glad when we moved away but felt quite sorry for her as well. In the end she was lonely and he was same ginger colour as a previous cat she'd also fed.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Sun 19-Jul-15 17:57:37

I hope you get your cat back op.

I don't understand why people do this, my old cat adopted an elderly couple, they were cat lovers but the man was in poor health so they had decided not to get a cat of their own. They checked with me what food greedy cat ate, and would feed him a small bowl when he turned up each day, pet him silly, and let him out their patio door when he asked to come home.

They never tried to steal him, so I never stopped him visiting, and he did so for five years until he passed away. We all enjoyed him when he was here and he enjoyed us. Stealing cats is crazy!

code Sun 19-Jul-15 18:48:21

Glad it looks like being resolved. It's such a weird thing to do, it's not like cats are expensive to come by, thousands in rescue and all...

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