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NDN cat...

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coolaschmoola Mon 13-Jul-15 01:25:32

I have a tuxedo girl. She's just over a year old, but small.

NDN (lovely) got a cat four months ago. A
tabby who is twice the size of my cat.

So far, so what..

NDN very large cat has decided to claim my back garden as it's territory and is terrorising my cat.

My cat likes to sit under the trampoline. NDN cat has taken to chasing her out from under there. She chases her all around the garden. There are many malevolent stares, growling, spitting and my little cat ends up heading for the house.

To make matters worse I once tried to make neighbour cat leave by walking towards it and saying pssst and it growled loudly at me. It has also growled at my 3yo dd for walking near it in MY garden.

My cat used to lounge about on the patio (no ladylike decorum!) but now she's on permanent guard, regularly shoots into the house with a tail like a bog brush and is stressed.

I know that cats roam and it's not something that the NDN can help but is there anything I can do to get this bolshy territory stealer to bog off?

RubbishMantra Mon 13-Jul-15 02:28:14

Invest in a supersoaker. I have 2 cats (who I love the bones of) but I'd have no issue with NDNs giving them a bit of a soak if they were being a nuisance.

coolaschmoola Mon 13-Jul-15 15:22:22

Bloody NDN cat just attacked mine in my garden angry.

I don't care where else it claims as it's territory - but not my garden thank you.

Quite impressed with little cat - she gave as good as she got until I got out there but I've brought her in. Grrrr I'm annoyed.

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