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A pregnant cat has moved in - advice please :)

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MrsJayGatsby Sun 12-Jul-15 13:52:10

Just over a month ago a small female cat appeared in my house. One night I was sat in my room and she came wondering in, had a look around then jumped up onto my lap and that was that. I tried to find out where she'd come from with no luck, and at first I did try and kick her out but she'd just come straight back in (I always had a small window open for my own cat to come in & out). I don't know if she was a stray, she was a little skinny & would go absolutely mental when I was feeding my cat, scratching and biting to get to the food if I moved her away, but she wasn't overly scruffy looking.

Then 2 weeks ago my lovely ginger boy was hit by a car and killed. The kids were devastated, I was (and still am) heartbroken, and this little girl just seemed to fill the gap he left. I'm probably wrong for doing it but I've been feeding her and I've stopped kicking her out and now she's here almost all of the time, and we're really starting to love her. And it has become increasingly obvious that she's pregnant.

I'm happy to keep her here, and look after her & her babies until they're ready to leave her, but I have no idea how to care for her. Should I take her to the vets? What should I look out for? Her stomach is growing rapidly, she's very round now and her nipples are swollen. I can also see and feel the kittens moving around. She was sick in the night last night - is this something to worry about? I've done some reading online about pregnant cats but was wondering if anybody who's experienced it themselves could give me some advice? She looks quite young too, which is worrying me.


Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Jul-15 14:01:51

Firstly envy obviously.

I haven't experienced it myself but I would definitely take her to the vet to start with. She may even be chipped, but saying that I am not sure you would chip and not neuter IYKWIM.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 12-Jul-15 14:28:02

I'd get her checked for a microchip regardless, some owners are a bit feckless and will let a cat our prior to neutering.

Obviously I'd want to keep all kittens unless prospective owners can answer my 100 question test correctly and oral examination after completing a DBS enhanced check.

AccordingtoMe Sun 12-Jul-15 14:33:08

Do you have a local cat rescue in your area? (google) if so then get in touch with them for expert advice.

I have experienced this and it is totally amazing, and yes you will want to keep them all but you never know how many are coming!

Make sure you have a safe area for her to birth in, I used an old wicker basket and lined it with old towels.

Sorry for the loss of your ginger boy, I have one here (from local rescue) and feel your pain.

MrsJayGatsby Sun 12-Jul-15 16:03:18

Ok. I'll get her to the vets asap, and I'll try calling a local cat rescue for further advice. I have tried setting up a couple of baskets in areas where she seems to like to sit but she hasnt actually paid any attention to them. She spent a couple of hours sleeping in the lid from buckaroo last night even though there was a lovely, blanket lined basket feet away. That's cats for you.

And if she does have the kittens here i will of course make sure any prospective owners are completely suitable. I've told my children we can keep ONE if she has them here (will rehome an older cat from a rescue centre if she is microchipped and has to go home) but i already know I'll want them all, there is nothing cuter than kittens!

Thank you for all the replies.

patienceisvirtuous Sun 12-Jul-15 16:07:41

No further advice to add. You sound lovely and caring OP.

Just wanted to say envyenvyenvy

Corygal Mon 13-Jul-15 22:03:35

Your very own furry tale OP! Massive congratulations and good luck. Don't forget that posting pix of the kittens is compulsory on this board.

You are a star.. it sounds unlikely she is loved and chipped elsewhere if she has chosen you. I strongly believe that cats choose their families and not the other way round!

Get her checked at the vets and then sit back and enjoy the ride. No matter what you provide, she will probably give birth in some completely unsuitable place (like in your wardrobe on a pile of old clothes!) and then to your absolute terror she will cart them off about a day later to another unsuitable spot (my Portia took her kittens to the back of a drawer!)... just go with it as her instincts may be very strong.

Oh and we need pics smile

I'm sorry for the loss of your ginger

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