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Never mind feeding our cats, someone is flea treating them

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StainlessSteelCat Thu 09-Jul-15 20:22:55

Oops, kind of long ... I needed a rant, sorry!

Have 2 cats, both spend lots of time out doors. Both also like to visit neighbours houses - one neighbour who also has cats had a water pistol armed and ready to deter our cat who would eat their cats' food, and I think this is a good idea: he's a fat greedy bastard, and definitely doesn't need more food or encouragement.

Anyway ... I've noticed over the last few months they have been coming home with white marks on them - one is black, one dark tabby so it's noticeable on the back of their necks. It took a few times for me to realise what it is: residue from flea treatment. They have had fleas before: once when they were very young, before I got to grips with the flea treatment routine, and again towards the end of last year. After a visit to the vet I found out that fleas in our area are becoming resistant to most flea treatments and she prescribed one that still works (Stronghold). So for the last several months they have been regularly treated, and hey presto no more fleas.

They mystery "flea treatments" started after I made this switch, and I'm becoming more and more annoyed by it. Someone must think that my cats are giving them/their cats fleas and so are trying to treat it, but using an ineffective treatment. They are risking overdosing my cats with whatever they are giving them, and it's ineffective anyway (Stronghold doesn't leave a white mark, and the size of the marks I've seen suggests it's being applied to the fur). Neither cat has ever worn a collar, I'm not keen to start them now (they are 8 years old) so I can't write a message saying stop!

So, do I just keep treating them with the Stronghold and hope they don't' OD? Stop, and risk fleamageddon again? Write a message in useless flea treatment on their fur? Or just hope that my evil fat bastard cat scratches them to buggery when they apply it ( like he does me) and that they are being considerate enough to worm them at the same time?

Aaaargh. Really annoyed and frustrated!

RubbishMantra Thu 09-Jul-15 22:07:59

Put a paper collar on them, with your phone number, telling them to stop ODing your cats with ineffective flea treatments.

StainlessSteelCat Fri 10-Jul-15 13:22:08

oooh, clever idea!

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