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Advice needed please, two cats missing!

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iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 15:00:46

First time posting as I could really do with some advice from experienced cat owners on what is normal roaming behaviour. I have four cats in total, all neutered/speyed and mostly house cats although they do play in the backyard most days when I get in from work. My little four year old female black cat has been missing since Monday afternoon, just didn't come in for her tea, despite me calling and the rest all coming in. Then last night my male cat who is about 18 months old didn't come in either, he's normally a real timid scaredy cat and doesn't leave the backyard. I've been out searching for them both since they left and I'm so so worried, it's so unlike them and I'm just terrified that something has happened and I'm never going to see them again or find out what happened. Please can anyone let me know if neutered cats normally roam and are they likely to return home soon? I'm particularly worried about the female as she is a skinny wee thing although she eats well, but has now missed four meals. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 15:04:53

Sorry this is so long without paragraphs!

SirVixofVixHall Wed 08-Jul-15 15:09:10

Neutered cats don't tend to roam exactly, but they may sometimes go a little farther afield than usual for all kinds of reasons, especially if the weather is nice. Two disappearing like that is worrying though. Have you told all your neighbours? Ask everyone in surrounding streets to check sheds and garages, and call your local vet. Are they chipped?

Oliversmumsarmy Wed 08-Jul-15 15:11:35

Have you tried asking the neighbours to check in their garages and sheds etc our girl went missing for 2 nights last week, most unlike her. within 10 minutes of the kids going up the road to ask neighbours if they had seen her and to check their outbuildings she was meowing in the kitchen for food.

iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 15:17:28

Thanks for replying, I've told my immediate neighbours and anyone I bumped into while searching but will start going door to door this evening. I thought it might be something to do with the nice weather but the longer they are away the more worried I get. Yes they are chipped so good idea to call the vet.

iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 15:51:23

Hoping to find them in the yard when I get home from work tonight or DP and I will continue taking turns to search. Just hear such awful things about dog baiting etc and we don't live in the best area do I'm getting really distressed. Story of your girl returning after 2 nights is keeping me hopeful though, thank you.

SirVixofVixHall Wed 08-Jul-15 15:54:59

The biggest dangers to cats are cars, dogs, foxes, and humans. For two to be missing together, I am wondering if one has gone to look for the other after maybe hearing her call? Really hope they are safe home today.

Kreeshsheesh Wed 08-Jul-15 15:55:47

One of my cats, now 16, once disappeared for 4 days. She came back looking a bit tatty and famished. I'm convinced she'd been accidentally locked in someone's garage or shed. Keep asking around. Are there rescue centres nearby? Give them a call too. I'm keeping everything crossed for you xxx

SirVixofVixHall Wed 08-Jul-15 15:56:46

Sometimes pets are stolen in the hope of getting reward money, so if they are still missing it might be worth putting up posters and offering a small reward. Also tell the local police.

iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 16:14:00

Thanks I'm trying to keep positive as there's nothing I can do until I get home from work. If there's no sign of them tonight I'll get posters up in the morning with a reward. This might sound ridiculous but since we don't have kids the cats are like my babies and I can't bear to think of them out alone, and maybe trapped and scared. Thanks for all your kind words, I'll keep you posted.

iamlionesshearmeroar Wed 08-Jul-15 16:16:25

No rescue centred very close but I'll call the nearest one and ask if they've been brought in. They are so flighty and nervous of any other humans apart from me and DP that I don't think anyone would've been able to grab them but it could still happen I guess.

SirVixofVixHall Wed 08-Jul-15 16:39:18

It is horrible when cats are missing, very stressful. I'm keeping everything crossed for you that they return safely soon. In the meantime A) Leaflet everywhere. B) Facebook and Twitter. C) Contact all local vets D)poster in pet shop window, as other cat owners will be on the alert looking for yours.
E) call local police as two are missing. F) give posters to local kids, as they tend to notice cats and are keen to get even a very small reward.

iamlionesshearmeroar Thu 09-Jul-15 01:56:26

Happy to update that I've found my boy! Been out searching again tonight and he answered my calls with a familiar yowl that got louder and louder and led me to him in another yard in the next street.

Unfortunately my girl didn't respond to my calls so posters going out tomorrow, and will call around the vets and rescue centres too. This is the 3rd night she's been gone so keep your fingers crossed for me please.

iamlionesshearmeroar Thu 09-Jul-15 02:08:29

I'll go through your checklist in the morning, thanks SirVix.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 09-Jul-15 06:55:10

At least you have him back. I hope you find the girl too.

iamlionesshearmeroar Thu 09-Jul-15 15:17:10

Thanks, the hunt continues...

SirVixofVixHall Thu 09-Jul-15 15:55:02

I would do facebook and twitter etc right away, as dehydration is the killer with cats who get stuck somewhere, and in hot weather that happens quickly. If you are calling then night time, as you have found out, is the best time as it is quiet enough to hear them calling back to you.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 09-Jul-15 16:30:01

H is microchipped with Petlog and you can register them as missing on their website and Facebook page. I hope your girl is home soon, it's such a worry when they do something out of character

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