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Howling cat.

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LostMySanityCanIBorrowYours Wed 08-Jul-15 02:20:38

Every night, after I go to bed, 30 minutes after I close my door, there abouts, my cat howls for 5 minutes straight. I mean, properly, actually, howls. Like a rabid tiger.

God only knows why the neighbours have not complained yet. They have to hear it.

I've tried feeding it right before bed. I tried not feeding it right before bed. I've tried opening a window in case it wants to go out. I've tried closing windows in case it is cold. I've tried changing it's litter right before bed. I've tried letting it sleep with me (It sits on the end of the bed and howls)

This is only my second cat. It's an indoor, 5 month old tom cat, due to be neutered soon. He shows no interest in the world beyond the kitchen roof, which as far into 'outside' as he has ventured.

Jabs/worms/fleas/ticks etc all up to date.

Why does my cat do this? I had initially thought it maybe a lady cat coming calling, but surely he or she would've made a move by now? The windows are open.

NB: He is getting de-bollocked next week, I have no time for feckless cat-daddies. I do not want to be responsible for being kitty's daddy's owner. I just need to sleep.

cozietoesie Wed 08-Jul-15 07:47:47

I'm afraid that I think you're going to have to wait a little longer. If they're healthy, don't have undescended testicles and are of a reasonable weight, toms should really be neutered at 4 months. At 5 months they'll probably have hormones coursing right through them so it sounds as if your lad is all fired up and ready to go - but just doesn't know where he wants to actually go!

(My own Oneago's litter brother impregnated a female cat at 5 months.)

See what he's like after the op. (You might find that as he's older, it will take a week or two for the hormone level to subside fully although the op should make a big immediate difference.)

Good luck. smile

cozietoesie Wed 08-Jul-15 07:54:07

PS - I'd keep those windows etc closed. Just because he's not shown any inclination to roam so far, doesn't mean that he's not on the point of doing it. You don't need him getting out and partying away - or heading off and never seeing him again/not being able to get him to the vet for his op.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 08-Jul-15 08:04:50

I'd keep him in completely before he is neutered. 5 Months is old enough to go travelling.

I dont think sil's cat lasted that long before being run over.

RubbishMantra Wed 08-Jul-15 14:53:46

Sounds like hormones, and he's instinctively calling for a mate. I'd vote for keeping him too, one of mine was humping away at inanimate objects when he was younger than yours. Most strays are young, unneutered males, who've gone off in search of a girlfriend and got lost.

Also, of he's making all that racket, other neighbourhood cats will we aware of him. You don't want the local tom coming in and spraying everywhere. Maybe another reason to keep windows shut?

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