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Diet cat food recommendations

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patchesmcp Wed 01-Jul-15 15:10:48

We've just returned from the vet with our two cats and they both need to go on a bit of a diet. In addition one of them needs a steroid injection and the vet has suggested glucosamine supplements as she is suffering from arthritis but whilst we'll try these the vet did say it's quite likely the cat will not take them. She suggested getting them both a diet cat food and said we could probably get one with add glucosamine. Think she suggested James Wellbeloved but I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations. I've had a quick look and thought Sanabelle light sounded good. Any thoughts...anyone?


PurpleBananaPie Tue 07-Jul-15 16:06:12

My cat has just been put in a diet by the Vet and has been given this:

He also has glucosamine supplements and has Cosequin Cat, he won't take the capsules but doesn't mind if the capsule is opened and the contents sprinkled over his food.

AwkwardSquad Wed 08-Jul-15 19:29:51

Our cat has the royal canin one as well, recommended by the vet. The vet nurse at the weight management told us how much to give her each day and how often to bring her in for a weigh-in. It's really important that cats lose weight slowly otherwise it can cause severe liver problems.

SoupDragon Wed 08-Jul-15 19:33:47

FatCat has just started on the Royal Canin Satiety food too. The vet said you need to weigh ti out carefully and make sur they only have the allocated amount. Remember that treats need to come out of this allowance.

She also recommended an Anti Gulp bowl which had big prongs sticking up and means the cat can't wolf the food down in one go.

Mimigolightly Wed 08-Jul-15 19:35:38

Royal Canin do a number of different foods for cats at different stages in life including a diet food. At this stage, you probably don't need a prescription food so I would just try one of their low cal ones.

patchesmcp Thu 09-Jul-15 06:53:37

Thanks everyone.

We've currently gone for the Iams light one as I could get a small one of that for my cats to try (they are fussy things) but I'm going to place a big order at Zooplus so I might get a few different ones to try.
I was looking at the glucosamine tablets and chondroitin supplements as well. Has it made a difference to your cat purple?

PurpleBananaPie Thu 09-Jul-15 12:59:42

I'm not sure at the moment, he has recently been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips and doesn't seem to be in any pain and is moving around OK, it doesn't seem to be causing him any problems at all. He was taking gluosamine for another problem initially though so I don't know if the effects of the arthritis would be worse if he hadn't been taking it.

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