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Lovely thread about our cats.

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Pipbin Mon 29-Jun-15 00:04:49

Come share your pictures and put the nasty threads out of your minds.

Here is my kitty.

MartyrStewart Mon 29-Jun-15 00:13:26

I have just had to had my kitty put to sleep two hours ago. She was poisoned. She was the runt of a feral litter, who was abandoned by her mum at two weeks, got cat flu at three weeks, disemboweled herself at 18m, and finally got defeated tonight. I am not trying to derail your thread, there is nothing that would cheer me up more than seeing pictures of lovely well loved cats. My Puss cheated 5 years longer than fate dealt her smile

SilverBirchWithout Mon 29-Jun-15 00:19:58

Sorry to hear that martry. At least she had 5 happy years with you.

Here's a picture of my dear boy, when he was youngster. He has many health problems now at aged 13. He was also once injured with an airgun pellet, which is why the threads earlier really got to me.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Mon 29-Jun-15 00:22:46

Here's the only one around tonight! Obie having a nap before he no doubts sneaks off to do whatever cats do at night!

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Mon 29-Jun-15 00:23:36

Forgot to say.. I am very sorry for your loss sad It sounds like she was very lucky to have you in her life xx

MartyrStewart Mon 29-Jun-15 00:28:40

Thank you both. I am trying to comfort myself with the fact that she had 5 years in a cosy house with food and fuss, when she should have been dead at 2wo. I haven't told the DC yet. Loving these handsome pictures though, keep them coming!

Dreamiesrcatopium Mon 29-Jun-15 00:30:33

Sorry to hear about your loss.
This is my girl, taken a few days ago with her favourite toy.

WestEast Mon 29-Jun-15 00:35:41

Sorry for your loss Martyr.
This is my little ratbag. She likes to think the sofa is hers only.

MartyrStewart Mon 29-Jun-15 00:40:16

This is when we first brought her home.

MartyrStewart Mon 29-Jun-15 00:41:59

Here she is with our first dog.

Dreamiesrcatopium Mon 29-Jun-15 00:51:07

Ah Martyr she was so beautiful! I have a total soft spot for black and whites.
Heres a better look at my mrs closer up.

WestEast Mon 29-Jun-15 00:52:30

Ah she was a cutie.
This is ours looking not cute at all.

thecatneuterer Mon 29-Jun-15 00:56:08

Here are two 'how many cats can fit in one bed?' pics

MartyrStewart Mon 29-Jun-15 01:00:41

I love all of these! It's a shame we won't be able to get another cat, if I had my way I would have a Maine Coon or a lovely chatty Siamese.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 29-Jun-15 08:30:51

He's H after getting a claw hooked on his scratching post.

I'm so sorry for your loss Martyr flowers

Rollypoly100 Mon 29-Jun-15 08:39:47

Sorry for your loss Martyr.

I love a cat thread and any excuse to post photos of my boy. Here he is relaxing in the garden in his favourite chair.

timtam23 Mon 29-Jun-15 10:14:15

So sorry for your loss Martyr

This is Dudley doing what he does best...sleeping...i literally sat down 2 minutes ago & he has just plonked himself on my lap. He had his own thread on here a couple of years ago as he was found under our car bonnet at a few weeks old. He is the biggest fat lump now smile

cozietoesie Mon 29-Jun-15 10:27:33

What a big boy he's become! To be fair, timtam, I think - as you mentioned his history - you really ought to post a picture of him when he was just a wee scrap who had been pulled out of your car engine - just for contrast. smile

cozietoesie Mon 29-Jun-15 10:33:32

And here's the old thread for anyone who hasn't read it.

Lord knows how many lives he used up on that escapade! smile

WixingMords Mon 29-Jun-15 10:54:49

Oh Martry I'm sorry to read that. How awful for you.

Here's my cat, came to live with us after being found alone at four weeks. He'd had an argument with a thorn just before I took this.

cozietoesie Mon 29-Jun-15 10:58:25

Such a kind and gentle face. Is that his nature? smile

midnightvelvetPart2 Mon 29-Jun-15 11:02:20

Oh no Martyr are you OK? I'm sorry for your loss flowers

Here's my girl, she's the dimmest cat ever. She likes to chase the moths in the bathroom in the evening but once they fly up she's no idea where they have gone & hunts for them at ground level. Last night I had to have a wee sideways on the toilet as she was lying in front of it & refused to move!

cozietoesie Mon 29-Jun-15 13:05:21

Seniorboy - before lunch. (You can tell it's summer because he's on top of his bed and not inside it. smile)

FermatCode Mon 29-Jun-15 13:07:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

midnightvelvetPart2 Mon 29-Jun-15 13:07:39

What a gorgeous colour he is cozie I love that coffee colour on cats smile

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