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Next door cat..

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TheCatNextDoor Sun 21-Jun-15 21:09:46


I live in a first floor flat and have my own housecat (has always been one) and he is great, really chilled for most of the time.

My next door neighbours also have a cat, but it goes outside. They let it out in the morning when they go to work and then let it in late at night, unless they happen to open the door and see it wants to come in earlier.
The issue with this, is if they are out and another resident comes in the main door (12 flats so people always walking in and out) the cat will follow them and sit within the building. He cat will then come and sit at my front door and scratch my door, all the time with my cat smelling him from the other side so going crazy in my flat!
Normally it doesn't happen too late at night, but there have been occasions where they have gone on a night out and I am woken at 2am to their cat and my cat scratching each side of the door trying to get each other! Not only is this annoying, but I have no idea how long that poor little cat has been stuck in a small corridor for, probably starving and needing a wee!
I have spoken to the neighbuts about it before and also to my building management company, but it's still not sorted the fact people seem to let the cat in.

Anyway, that's a really long explanation of why, but I wondered is there anything I can buy to either put in front of my front door, or on it, or anything that can make my cat stay away from the front door and spending ages miaowing over the smell of the other cat, and also scratching at my door?


RubbishMantra Sun 21-Jun-15 22:38:11

Plug-in Feliway near the front door may help your cat?

Would the landlord be amenable to putting a cat-flap in the main entrance door, and the tenants with out door going cat having a flap in the door to their flat?

Like you, I'd be worried about their little cat being locked out for long periods of time. As summer's coming, would you consider leaving a dish of water outside for him?

TheCatNextDoor Mon 22-Jun-15 12:57:25

I will get some feliway, never thought of getting the plug in!

Getting a cat flap is question i can ask the building management company, i know they rent their flat though so their landlord would also have to agree, and then i would be worried about the cat bringing in its prey!

Yes, if its out late i would give it water just on case. Normally i will take the cat outside when it wakes me up at 2am as at least then it can go to the toilet and eat/drink if needed, but obviously this isnt great every time when its 2am and im half asleep!

Thanks smile

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