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Best cat food for old moggy with very loose stools?!

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cuntycowfacemonkey Fri 19-Jun-15 11:30:05

Cat is about 13 years old now and her poo is very loose and now as she gets older she is making no attempts to do it somewhere she can bury it so we are finding it all over the garden paths/lawn which is a nightmare with the kids and I worry that she may go over to neighbour's garden and I don't want that to happen.

She was check over by vet last year and was give a clean bill of health, she's flea'd and wormed so last hope is now changing her diet. Any recomendations please?

RubbishMantra Fri 19-Jun-15 15:46:51

Cereal free is the way to go, many cats don't tolerate grains. I feed mine Applaws dry (80% meat). Apparently Orijen is also a good dry food.

For wet, Animonda Carny. Butchers Classic is another that gets recommended on this board a lot.

All of the above can be ordered online from Zooplus, apart from the Butchers Classic, which you can buy at most supermarkets.

cuntycowfacemonkey Fri 19-Jun-15 15:55:22

Thanks rubbishmantra will take a look at those

MinimalistMommi Sun 21-Jun-15 15:52:50

Raw diet. Stools will go small and firm.

peckforton Sun 21-Jun-15 22:26:25

Deffo butchers classic cat or cook your own meat. I have a cat with a sensitive stomach and Classic Cat sorted it.

cuntycowfacemonkey Wed 24-Jun-15 10:32:29

I will look into raw diet and classic cat thank you

code Wed 24-Jun-15 18:13:18

What are you feeding her at the moment? Has she had a stool analysis? Might be a parasite or some such.

Wolfiefan Wed 24-Jun-15 18:16:48

If she hasn't been seen by a vet i would do that. It could be a medical issue rather than a dietary one. Our 19 year old girl was on special food from the vet. She's now fine on Felix senior.

thecatneuterer Wed 24-Jun-15 19:07:50

I've had a lot of success with Butcher's Classic tins, which is cereal free.

cuntycowfacemonkey Thu 25-Jun-15 22:19:04

She's been seen by the vet and had a stool analysis. Have bought a bag of the Applaws as couldn't get any of the Butchers Classic locally so will see how we go with that and if no real improvement will source the Butcher Classic tins

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