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Cat rubbish at retracting claws!

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beerbelly Fri 19-Jun-15 07:10:36

Hi! Some of you may be aware of my tale of woe about the rescue cat who wouldn't settle.

Well, we rehomed him somewhere quieter and yesterday brought home a six month old kitty. She is gorgeous - really friendly and playful and she loves the kids!

I did notice, when she plays, she gets her claws stuck in things and then can't shake them off. It's very funny to watch! Do cats get better at retracting their claws or is this girl destined to be a clumsy oaf?"

Butterflywings168 Fri 19-Jun-15 21:38:59

They get better at it, yes. She's just a kitten.
My Madame ButterflyCat is perfectly capable of retracting her claws and giving the softest velvety pat unfortunately if she deems this does not get her enough attention, then the claws come out grin

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