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does this sound like kidney problem (and should I reinsure her in that case)

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willthiseverbloodystop Sat 06-Jun-15 21:39:39

Noticing that my 14 year old girl is weeing more and more . I change her litter every 3 days and it is soaked through and normally leaks through the bag, I am noticing it a bit more i think because i was using expensive cat san but have gone back to the loose cat san so it hasn't got the pad at the bottom which soaked a lot of it up. So in 3 days she has normally done 1 or 2 poos, and a load of wee. I'm also noticing her water bowl sometimes needs refiling when it never used to, i do change it twice a day. She has dry food down all the time and wet food, she is so fussy so it may just be that she wants new stuff (again) but she is eating maybe 1/3 to a 1/2 of a tiny can twice a day.

she;s also changed her routine. So her day used to be:
* sleep with me
* jump up excitedly for breakfast when i get up - or do her best to wake me up about an earlier than that (hence why dry food always down)
* meow till food
* eat
* back to bed
* jump up when back from work and then around for a bit
* tv with me
* bed with me

* downstairs til 5am
* massive wee (well she makes enough noise now in litter at wakes me up)
* onto bed with me
* wakes up with me , purrs comes down but often disinterested in her food
* back to bed
* now up when dd goes to bed, sits on sofa, then moves to sofa in kitchen until 5am.

She seems happy but is definitely a lot more lethargic (if that is possible).

She has a heart condition ( thickening of heart walls) which meds were working.

I probably need to take her back to vet but can;t afford another heart scan (had our year of treatment on insurance for that)

If it could be kidney i need to reisnure ? stopped insurance as so bloody expensive and i felt the heart thing would end up being the issue.

she is happy at least. i'm going to get some little prawns and some tuna , she always likes those.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 07-Jun-15 08:17:44

Could be
Worsening of heart condition
Other rarer things

I am afraid I don't know of a pet insurance company that will accept a pet over 11 years of age.

willthiseverbloodystop Sun 07-Jun-15 12:11:42

lots accept, you have to pay a percentage of the costs though.

i've reinsured , she seems a bit perkier today tbh, but think it's worth reinsuring in case a new condition!

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