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Urghh pulled off a tick

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code Thu 04-Jun-15 21:35:41

Grim...little legs wiggling about. To think this cat was in my bed...

BibiBlocksbergv2 Thu 04-Jun-15 22:05:37

Eeewwww....the bed, my thoughts exactly every time i remove one of the little feckers.

The level of disgust i used to feel in the early days when having to deal with them.....wanted to retch & am usually not fazed.

Agree, truly grim.

PS - never take a job down the sewers, all my removed ticks will be partying there since the only way i can stomach dispatching the critters is by flushing their coffin (piece of tissue smile) down the loo.

code Fri 05-Jun-15 06:21:48

They'll survive that watery journey too. Probably grow gills and swell to monstrous proportions like a b movie horror.

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