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Cat Flap location conundrum

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BibiBlocksbergv2 Thu 04-Jun-15 21:31:11

Really need you cat lovers to read my witterings (pls smile) as tying myself in knots with this one.

So, i live in a shared house (1 other) and I am the provilidged slave to two cats, housemate tolerates said cats but not particularly fussed really.

I need to get a cat flap fitted as i'm knackered having my sleep interrupted at 4am every morning to let both out (only for them to cry to come back in at 6, i get up at 7.30 given the choice)

Landlord has given permission for cat flap to be cut in to back door of the house.

To keep this as short & succinct as possible, my options are:

Fit Cat Flap to back door which means cats have free access to kitchen and living room, giving rise to concerns about sitting on counter tops at night & possible scratching of sofa arms in living room while unsupervised & coming & going in & out of the cat flap.

Also means that two doors would need to be left ajar (one leading from kitchen to living room, other leading from living room to stairwell so cats can get up to my room. Which is ok in summer but in winter the kitchen is really drafty & lets loads of cold air into the rest of the house.

Other option is to find a new front door first & fit flap to that (not a panel replacing option unfortunately) so that landlord won't be left with unsightly catflap when i move which is fair enough.

I've looked for a second hand door on gumtree for the last two months & nothing suitable locally & even if i did find one there's the expense of the door, getting someone in to hang it properly & fit the cat flap.

I am tired & the cats need access to their own house (it's kitty city around the neighbourhood smile)

Would I be unreasonable to expect housemate to put up with remembering to leave relevant doors open before he goes to bed & possibly throwing a protective something (blanket, piece of foam etc) to stop his sofa being scratched (cats have had a go before which caused rows) & the possibility of cat hair on counters in the morning (housemate leaves before me so not much chance to wipe counters in am)

Thanks in advance for indulging my overactive though process smile

Hassled Thu 04-Jun-15 22:12:58

Why do the cats need access to the stairs/your room at night? Mine get shut in the kitchen at night - they're absolutely fine with it, but then it's all they've ever known. They're almost certainly on the worktops (although I never see it) - but I wipe down with disinfectant every morning. I think you might be in danger of over-thinking this. Just restrict their freedom during the night.

PolterGoose Sat 06-Jun-15 12:51:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cozietoesie Sat 06-Jun-15 13:18:12

I'd get a couple of litter trays and keep them in. Any of my cats tried to wake me at 4 in the morning these days and they'd soon regret it.

I'd also get a new housemate - but that's a different thread I think. wink

IvyWall Sat 06-Jun-15 13:55:03

Yes restrict access to kitchen only and leave a packet of antibacterial wipes at the ready on the counter

Housemate can then wipe the counter if he/she feels the need

sunbathe Sat 06-Jun-15 13:55:03

How about a cat house outside with a cat flap? They wouldn't need to come in and could be warm and cosy.

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