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Can cats get hay fever?

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BlackHillsofDakota Thu 04-Jun-15 19:46:50

Our cat has been heaving and wheezing a lot. Almost as if he is brining up a hairball but more high pitched and more frequent.
I took him to the vets who said it was probably a hairball, I voiced that maybe it wasn't but the vet says he thinks it is.
He checked him over and said he was in good health but the noise is really distressing and it can't be nice for him.
He is eating and toiling normally and seems his old self but then has quite a few episodes of this weezing over the last few days.
Could it be hay fever? It seems to coincide with the weather changing and if so what can I do for him.

AnulTheMagnificent Tue 09-Jun-15 00:43:52

It could be an allergy, it might also be asthma. It might also be nasal polyps. It is not easy to tell which it is although it is possible to check for polyps if your vet has the equipment (ours does).

It may not be hayfever, it could be a reaction to a booster if done recently, or inhaling dust from litter, especially silica litter, an allergy to pine or perfumed litter or something in the house like cleaning materials or Febreze which is seriously bad for humans, never mind something smaller.

On a more serious note it might be a heart problem. If it sounds as if it is coming from the nose it is more likely to be one of the other things. It can be very uncomfortable and distressing whatever it is.

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