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Going outside for the first time

(2 Posts)
stumblingalong Wed 03-Jun-15 21:21:20

Our gorgeous new adopted cat has been with us 10 days. She's settled in well but is aching to go outside; crying by the window & trying to sneak out of any door she can.
A vet friend told me 2 weeks was about right.
We've taken her round the garden on a harness and she was so happy, I feel cruel locking her in the house again.
She's vaccinated, chipped and has a collar.
We live in a rural area, backing onto fields. Is it too soon for an hour in the evening before teatime?

stumblingalong Thu 04-Jun-15 17:07:13

We succumbed and she's thrilled. She's toured the garden a few times, hidden in the shrubbery and sunbathed on the patio.
I only have to shake the Dreamies and she comes running.

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