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Best quality, best price kitten then cat food

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sparkysparkysparky Sun 31-May-15 16:37:54

Hi we'll be rescued by a rescue kitten after our summer hols. My dear departed old girl was a hill's girl but I am exploring other options for NewKitten's diet. We'll start with whatever she's used to from the rescue centre, of course.
So.. aplaws, amiconda carney? what's the highest meat/protein one we can get from a supermarket? We're going to aim for mostly wet to start with dry kibble as a possible.

chockbic Sun 31-May-15 17:06:42

Some people like the Butcher's Classic. Not sure if that's for kittens.

RubbishMantra Sun 31-May-15 19:38:26

Yup, Butcher's Classic is recommended, and can be obtained from supermarkets.

I gave mine Animonda Carny, bought online from Zooplus when he was a babby. Applaws kitten for dry food, it has the highest meat content (80%). He's fit as a flea, bundles of energy.

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