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We've furminated, we've trimmed...

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And Obie is still a bag of knots.
I'm no newby to grooming reluctant Maine Coons.. Morph used to need motorcycle gloves and two of us at moult times, but Obie's coat is something else.
His sister is also incredibly fluffy..their double coat matts badly in moult but I have managed to get her pretty much knot free with daily grooming, as she is good natured about it.

Obie is a git. He hates it. is too lazy to do a proper job himself of even basic grooming, and having been away for a week,(us not him.. DS1 was home and couldn't do it alone) tonight he is hideous. His already bad matts are now felted to his flanks. We spent a long time tonight getting his neck, armpits and some chest fur sorted (he did not like it!) but his flanks are awful..he looks fine but the undercoat is solid to his skin.

Short of having him clippered under sedation..any ideas? He allows a short daily grooming but it just hasn't touched him.. his fur is about 5 inches long with a shorter thick undercoat and no matter how much we groom his hips, sides and butt end are solid. I really don't want him clippered, but can't see how to get him unmatted without sedation!

He does a runner at the sight of the grooming kit!

cozietoesie Sat 30-May-15 00:08:21

Oh dear - it sounds like a losing battle as things stand currently. I'd be tempted to get a (sedated) clipping for him and start afresh. Maybe if it didn't hurt and irritate - if you were starting from scratch - he'd react better to it in the long term?

That's what I am pondering.. I don't want him to hate me for being the bad guy! His fabulous personality makes him a fur asshole of a cat at the best of times grin
He'd look dreadful clipped but it might give us a fresh start in his fur.. or at least a few months grace. I've seriously never seen SUCH a furry cat before !
He's a hairy ginger demon with sharp teeth :D

RubbishMantra Sat 30-May-15 07:06:56

Typical teenager eh? Can't be arsed with basic personal hygiene. And moans, "That's sooo unfair", when you try to sort his dreads out.

I think a summer hair-cut is the way to go. You could always ask the groomer to give him a hipster-style, Hitler hair-do. I'm sure he won't be anymore embarrassed than when teenage DH's mum took him to the hairdresser's. She asked them to give him a "Hugh grant"! grin

cozietoesie Sat 30-May-15 09:12:03

I'd actually start the new grooming regime directly he's ready for it on return - rather than waiting for that 'few months' grace'. (Assuming that he hasn't got skin tears or similar under the mats which would need to heal.) A few quick passes of the implement of desruction when he's having a love-in of an evening could gradually be built up to a proper groom by the time he really needed it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 30-May-15 18:21:27

Google lion cut. It would look fabby.

cozietoesie Sun 31-May-15 13:38:35

By the way - if you do have him trimmed, we'll definitely need pictures. grin

<loves good Before and After pics>

Oh there will be pics. And I suspect all the other cats will laugh at him! I'm ringing tomorrow to find out how much it will cost!

RubbishMantra Sun 31-May-15 19:30:46

He'll look awesome with that big ruffty mane he has.

hiddenhome Tue 02-Jun-15 12:03:31

Lol get it all off, it's the only way.

Good Luck

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