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Do cats get used to surgical collar

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ydl1964l Mon 25-May-15 23:17:02

Freddie, 4 years old was in fight and came home Friday morning with lump on cheek. Took him vets and he had two big bite marks which had got infected. They drained the gunk and have left wound open as they said it heals better. He now wearing a collar and not allowed out. He normally out all night and plays and sleeps during day.

So got him back from vets Friday and he moaned all night for me to let him out so I had little sleep. Same again last night and no doubt tonight as well lol. He's also hating the collar and deliberately walking into things to try to remove it. Have to take him back to vets in the morning to check its healing ok but from what they said Friday it may take a while. He's never been ill before so my question is, do cats get used to their collar and stopping in so will I get any sleep soon lol

RubbishMantra Tue 26-May-15 00:03:39

They do become more accustomed to the collar.

This could be a good time to getting him used to staying in at night, and only going out during the day. Most cat injuries happen at night, as well as fighting with other cats, there's RTAs, foxes and a whole host of other dangers most likely to happen between dusk and dawn.

He'll whinge about it at first, but will adapt to sleeping at night and doing cat stuff during the day. One of mine used to go out at night, he's adjusted to staying indoors overnight. Does he have a cat flap? You said he likes playing, so something like a Flying Frenzy to tire him out so he sleeps through.

ydl1964l Tue 26-May-15 00:47:40

Thanks RubbishMantra, I will try keeping him in at night once he's recovered. I think some of his moaning is about not liking to use his litter tray too. He has only ever used it very occasionally in the last 4 years and has only used it the last few days after an hour of sitting by the door complaining.

Will have a google for the Flying Frenzy and see if that helps

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