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Toddler proofing cat food and kitty litter.

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MokunMokun Mon 25-May-15 07:48:33

Does anyone have any good tips?

As soon as I put the cat food down the toddler makes a beeline for it. The worst is the kitty litter though. I have put it up high for now but it gets kicked far and wide by the cats (we have 3). Our kitchen and living room are open plan. I'm sick of the floor being covered in food and kitty litter.

shaska Mon 25-May-15 10:06:40

Covered tray. If the cat will accept it: Facing the wall with enough gap between wall and entrance of tray for cat but not toddler, with a weight behind it to stop it being pushed further out.

Food, either feed when toddler isn't around/is distracted by something else then remove bowls straight away, or have it somewhere high up.

That all said I don't have a toddler and my floor is covered in cat food because the cats are just messy bastards.

fenneltea Mon 25-May-15 12:10:53

I don't have a toddler, but I do have marauding labradors.

We bought these:- joined two together (handy husband, but you can probably buy longer ones to fit a litter tray) and cut a cat size hole in the bottom. The tops lift off so easy access for cleaning and stuck some fablon over the base inside.

fenneltea Mon 25-May-15 12:12:07

Just to add we use these for the food, not litter (covered trays) but they would work equally well for both.

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