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Older cat with hyperthyroidism - what do I need to know?

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Mayor Sat 23-May-15 17:05:09

Took Mayorcat to the vet due to weight loads, increase in activity and hungry all the time. Vet thinks its mild hyperthyroidism, just waiting for blood tests to come back. Can anyone give me an idea what I can expect medication wise?

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 23-May-15 18:29:50

Initially you have two choices:
Food - only works if the cat eats nothing else
Medication- usually tablets, occasionally cream.
If you choose medication once the cat is stable there are three choices
1. Continue life long medication
2. Surgery to remove affected thyroid
3. Radioactive iodine treatment

All options have risks and disadvantages that need to be discussed with your vet.

FranBrodie Sat 23-May-15 18:40:06

Pets at home told me that really good food helps (60-80% meat, rather than about 4% in the popular brands). Sadly it was too late for our old girl, but might be worth looking into?

Theresadogonyourballs Sat 23-May-15 19:04:09

Hello, my almost 17 year old cat has hyperthyroidism, along with insulin dependent diabetes. We took a little time when she was first diagnosed to decide what would be the best treatment for her. Due to her age, (she was 14/15 when she was diagnosed), we decided to put her on medication, as we already have to inject her twice a day, so figured giving pills wasn't much more hassle!
So, the reality is two pills a day, one in the morning and one at night. She has Felimazole. It might take a while to get the dosage correct - we had to return to the vet several times for blood tests to see what her levels were, (although the diabetes may have been a factor here too, not sure?). We use a pill popper to get the pills into her, your cat may be ok with you just using your hands. My vet said they couldn't be crushed, and my cat just eats round them if you put them in her food! Good luck with whatever you decide. :-)

jaspercat2002 Sat 23-May-15 19:17:42

We've just had out 16 yr old cat treated with radio-iodine treatment. We tried the tablets first but they made her sick (and she hates tablets!) and then the food but she refused to eat it and so was losing even more weight.
It was expensive but luckily covered by insurance, and a hard few weeks for her being away from home and then in isolation but now she is completely cured and looking healthy, sleek and relaxed again.

sparkysparkysparky Sat 23-May-15 19:20:16

Greenies Pill Pockets for felimazole. smile

GRW Sun 24-May-15 00:16:37

My 18 year old has been on tablets for about a year, and she takes them squashed into a small piece of cheese. She has needed several blood tests to get the dose right, which are much more difficult than giving tablets. If she had been younger the vet would have recommended surgery to remove the thyroid gland, but apparently that doesn't always cure the condition.

Mayor Mon 25-May-15 17:14:47

Thanks all. I've never heard of Greenies Pill pockets, they may come in handy (though seem quite expensive!) Just waiting for blood tests and then will know more. I know I'll be a bit poorer that's for sure!

timtam23 Mon 25-May-15 17:23:55

My then 16 yr old cat had felimazole but developed a dangerous side effect (it affected his blood cells quite badly) so he had the overactive half of his thyroid removed surgically. The op was uneventful & he bounced back from it quickly & had another 2 years with us. My vet said it was a fairly common operation in older cats and although there were some increased anaesthethic risks it was generally a straightforward op. At his age we didn't want to put him through the radioiodine treatment but would have considered it with a younger cat.

Glitteryfrog Wed 27-May-15 16:28:50

Our cat had half her thyroid removed.
She was in for a day and home, she recovered and is fine... Although her other half is going now.
We tried pills but they made her sick.

Have you had the kidney discussion? Hyperthyroidism raises blood pressure and forces more blood through the kidneys. Sometimes this can mask kidney problems.

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