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Spring Madness!

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RubbishMantra Wed 13-May-15 17:29:04

Anyone else's cat got this? MCats staring into corners and out the window whilst making "Mroowwww" noises. This results in the Little Monsieur gambolling in. Then lots of chasing each other about the house and garden.

I suspect MCat might be taunting LM in cat language, because LM hasn't mustered up the bottle to leave the garden. Yet thinks he's Charlie Big Potatoes in his "area".

Love my silly cats, I do. grin

chockbic Wed 13-May-15 17:35:14

Yes, Jack has brought a shrew in. He chased it around a bit. Then DH chased it around a bit grin

RubbishMantra Wed 13-May-15 18:14:18

Haha! I bought a humane mousetrap (catch and release) and some peanut butter for those incidents.

DH once found a live and frisky mouse in his coat pocket. He put his hand in and wondered why there was a warm, furry wriggly thing in there. MCat was being thoughtful I suppose, it was a cold day. Wanted his Dad's hands to be warm.

Wonder if you'll be presented with a screaming frog? grin

chockbic Wed 13-May-15 18:41:15

I'll be screaming if he brings a frog in. Hate The Frog Chorus hmm

Funny about a mouse in a coat pocket. Bet that was a shock.

Will look for a trap, now Ripper is upgrading confused

RubbishMantra Wed 13-May-15 22:10:16

Bom, bom bom, bai-ee-ow. grin

Screaming frogs. Preferable to old Sir McCartney.

chockbic Fri 15-May-15 12:42:57

Even for all his bluster, Jack could never drag Sir M in.

He's back to hunting spiders at the moment. And the odd fly.

RubbishMantra Fri 15-May-15 18:14:32

Imagine the fright. Waking up to indignant shouts, of "Do you know who I am?!" Running downstairs, to see the old Sir McCartney's head, wedged in the cat-flap. Jack tugging him in by his hair.

Worse day ever. sad

chockbic Fri 15-May-15 18:31:51

Oof, nightmares for weeks shock

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 15-May-15 19:49:50

If you get a plastic spider in a Xmas cracker blu tack it to a wall.

Hours of fun.

We got summoned one morning to help him catch the loft hatch spider, he wanted Dh to lift him up to get it. Request denied.

chockbic Fri 15-May-15 20:39:01

We got the yowly, demanding Bengal at 4.30 this morning. All because the bathroom door was shut and he couldn't sit in the bath.

RubbishMantra Fri 15-May-15 21:08:08

I think it would be even more fun to blu-tac McCartney to a wall. Then set MCat and a pack of Bengals on him. grin

Little Monsieur tried a spider, and spat it out. He gets really excited on spotting a fly though, and does that teeth-chattering nickering noise at them.

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