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Sore on mouth

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krasnayaplats Sun 10-May-15 12:55:47

My 16.5 year old boy has been a messy eater for some years now as he has lost a lot of teeth over the years. He has been struggling even more over the last couple of weeks and is really only managing pate type food. Today I notice what looks like a ulcer on his lower lip,I will get him to the vet this week of course. I had a cat when I was a child who had a mouth cancerand I am fearing the worst. Is there anything less bad that this ulcer might be?

timtam23 Sun 10-May-15 14:24:18

I am not sure what else it might be, but definitely get him to the vet as soon as you can. My old boy had similar problems last year and very sadly it was tongue cancer (we couldn't see the ulcer at home but he was dribbling a lot & was v crusty around his mouth). He did get a dramatic but sadly rather short-lived improvement with steroids (injection) so it might be worth asking about that for symptom relief/appetite improvement even if the diagnosis/prognosis is not good.

Good luck - let us know how it goes

krasnayaplats Sun 10-May-15 16:08:18

Thank you - will be on phone to vet first thing tomorrow.

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