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just moved house having poo problems please help

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Shaw2be Tue 05-May-15 09:59:34

I have 2 cats both 1 year old and both have been pooing and weeing outside for a good few months but we kept the litter tray as a back up and because we knew we were moving.

Since we moved the female cat was desperate to go outside and would reluctantly use the litter tray, I started to let her out after about 5 days and she took to her new surroundings very well and has had no accidents.

The boy cat is another story! He will not go in the litter tray or outside but rather on the carpet in the lounge!! He has been playing outside this weekend (he's always been a week or so behind the girl) but even then he comes in to poo in the same spot on the carpet! I clean it immediately every time but obviously can't when I'm at work. I have 'shake n vac'ed' the carpet twice and if I try to lock him out of the room he digs up the carpet to try and get back in!

Please help!


hiddenhome Tue 05-May-15 10:49:43

The others will have some suggestions, but I've found that, once a cat soils a carpet/rug, it's more or less a done deal that you have to get rid of it (the carpet, as opposed to the cat). The smell is extremely difficult to get rid of and the cat will keep returning.

The only thing I can think of is to put a litter tray with a bit of his poo in and then place it in the spot where he's soiling. Hopefully, this will attract him to the tray. Once he's using the tray, you can move it somewhere quieter and out of the way.

A Feliway diffuser might help to reduce any stress he's feeling.

shaska Tue 05-May-15 12:22:12

Ha, I just opened a tab and saw this thread at the top of the page. Forgot it was litter tray, thought it was chat and thought 'oh GOD'. A relief to find it was cat poo problems.

It sounds as though he's a bit stressed by the move. How long have you been there? It could be that there are other cats around and he doesn't feel safe going out to poo - and for some reason, he's not wanting to use the tray.

Did he use a tray at all at your old house? Where is the tray you've got at the moment? Girl cat doesn't use it at all, you say?

Shaw2be Tue 05-May-15 12:46:02

We moved in last Friday so been there 10 days now, he seems quite chilled sleeping wherever he feels and eating well and purring around a lot.

He used to use the litter tray quite a lot at the old house and I'd say before we moved we didn't change the litter for a good few weeks cos he was going outside. Its in the conservatory where we shut them at night, and I've tried putting him on it when he starts sniffing round. Hidden home I will try your idea when I get home.


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