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Rescue cat questions

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toomuchhappyland Mon 04-May-15 13:09:48

we brought our lovely rescue boy home on Saturday - he's a big tabby longhair, about 2 years old they think. He's settled in well and is happy for the kids to stroke him, lazes around on the sofa with us etc. I have a couple of questions though:
1. He will only eat dry food. I read that that's not ideal as cats get most of their water from food, so an exclusively dry diet can lead to dehydration/kidney trouble. What do you think? I have offered him different varieties of wet, but he won't eat it. I've got him on Applaws dry as I read it's better quality than some others. Should I just leave him on that or persevere with the wet? And is it better to leave it down all the time or feed at set times?
2. He has done wees in his tray (not many though - a couple of wet spots yesterday, that's it) but no poo. When do I get worried about that?
3. What is your recommendations for flea/worm treatment? Once he's allowed out we live next to open fields, so he may well pick up parasites and as we have young dcs, I want to keep these under control. I heard frontline isn't as good these days?

Thank you!

RubbishMantra Mon 04-May-15 13:43:38

Congratulations on your new family member!

To answer your questions:

1 Applaws is a really good dry food. They also do a (supplementary) wet food. Cosma is similar. It actually looks almost edible to humans, so he may like that? I mix a little water into it for my cats. Just to ensure they're getting plenty of water. Ensure he has fresh water all the time.

2 No crap in nearly 3 days? If nothing by tomorrow, I would definitely ring vets. He's not crapping elsewhere is he?

3 Presumably you have him booked in for registration and general check-up with his new vet? They can either sell you some Stronghold, which does fleas and worms (possibly not tapeworms though), or write you out a prescription, which you can use to buy it online somewhat cheaper. Advocate (fleas) and Milbemax are also good. Again, these are only available from the vet/prescription.

I use Advantage for fleas and Drontal for worms, bought online. But I know my cats' weight etc.

Any medication type stuff bought off the shelf is generally rubbish, and often dangerous. You're right about the Frontline, it's become ineffective.

Photo of your lovely languorous long-haired cat please! grin

toomuchhappyland Mon 04-May-15 14:38:22

Thanks! I tried Applaws wet but he wouldn't touch it. Is it worth putting a bit of water on the dry kibble? He has a bowl of water but I've not seen him drink.

No poo now in 48 hours. I'm fairly sure I'd smell it if he'd done one elsewhere? I'll phone the vet tomorrow then if he's not done one by then. He's only had a couple of tiny wees too.

Thanks for the treatment recommendations. How often do you use them?

Here's the boy...

toomuchhappyland Mon 04-May-15 14:39:02

He has lovely eyes!

cozietoesie Mon 04-May-15 15:55:57

He has lovely everything ! What a great boy. smile

MissingKittyCat Mon 04-May-15 18:04:47

He's lovely. Con-cat-tulations!

Our old boy will only eat dry. I've splashed out on all sorts of lovely posh wet food but nope, dry only. He also has quite a taste for chicken do we tend to share our dinner with him. Probably spoilt him a little. I just ensure I'm buying a complete dry food for senior cats.

We use advantage for fleas and panacur liquid for worms. He doesn't go any further than the back step though. I have to leave a bowl of water in the bathroom as he wont drink his designated water, preferring to stalk around for a glass of ours or a cup of tea! A lot of cats don't like fresh tap water because of the chlorine.

Hope he goes to the loo soon! Could be stress? Maybe do as Rubbish said above and add little after to his dry food, get things moving. Enjoy your pretty new cat.

Moln Mon 04-May-15 18:15:35

Ah he's gorgeous!!!

Some cats just don't eat wet, my guy is on mostly dry with occasional wet. He drinks lots but can't tell you why he just came like that!! Though some cats prefer running water.

As has been said the vet can advise on flea and worm treatment

ragged Mon 04-May-15 18:22:27

Gosh, he's lovely.
I think in new environments they can hold it in so I wouldn't rush to vet about no poo if otherwise well.
I'd keep offering wet food in small amounts; in my view, cats that are truly hungry aren't fussy about wet or dry.

girliefriend Mon 04-May-15 18:29:55

One of my cats will only eat dry, have offered all sorts of wet but she won't touch it confused not a lot you can do really, I leave a few bowls of water out and she does drink o.kay.

My vets does a pet plan which is £10 a month, it includes flea and worm treatment (advocate) as well as a yearly check up with the vet and their booster. It works out a good deal bearing in mind the yearly booster on its own is £65 shock

My guess is being in a new environment may have stressed him a bit so probably why he hasn't pooed yet. If nothing after 3 days speak to the vet.

He is gorgeous, am guessing that fur will need brushing to stop it getting matted!

RubbishMantra Mon 04-May-15 18:45:17

Oh my, isn't he a gorgeous boy! Stunning cat. smile

If he's an outdoor going cat, every 3 months. Not sure about indoor only though.

Flea treatments usually once a month. Never use one intended for dogs, as they're poisonous to cats.

Have you placed his water bowl far away from his food? a lot of cats prefer that. One of mine likes drinking out the toilet. confused Ooh, ditto to litter tray. They like it placed a good distance from their food and water.

toomuchhappyland Mon 04-May-15 19:49:23

Thanks! Litter tray well away from food bowl. Water is currently next to it so I'll try moving that away.

He will eventually be allowed outdoors (need to install a cat flap) - they said leave him indoors for a fortnight, what do you guys reckon? Also, would you put a collar on him (assuming he would tolerate one) - I know some people don't due to safety aspects. He is chipped.

Thanks for all the advice! smile

Moln Mon 04-May-15 19:59:48

You could try a quick release one - though I suggest testing them in the shop first some quick release don't release well at all

My guy had collars an will tolerate (I prefer collars as a lot of people don't know about them and it's an indication he has a home) however he's not come home too often with out them so I've given up!

Hope he poos and drinks soon!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 04-May-15 21:19:00

He is properly gorgeous.

We don't do collars but I kept him in for 4 weeks.

valrhona Mon 04-May-15 21:21:33

One of mine licks out the liquid from wet food but doesn't bother otherwise and eats dry. The other only eats dry rarely.
One wears a collar - tested quick-release with 2 bells on it (because she kills small birds). The other doesn't because the most she does is stare quite threateningly at the odd fly. Anyone that remembers me and my 2 rescues will know who is who! smile
Cat flap has been a great success, after a somewhat trying introduction hmmsmile

valrhona Mon 04-May-15 21:23:59

Forgot to congratulate, he's a very handsome fella!! smile

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