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Cat suddenly lethargic

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fuzzywuzzy Sat 14-Feb-15 09:39:36

We have two boys, one is bouncy and excitable and curious, he's suddenly become really quiet and has lost all interest in treats or food.

His nose is still wet, and when I take him to my bedroom (he loves my room) he lies in bed and purrs quietly, but the bouncy enthusiasm is not there.

He's so quiet just lying in one place with no interest in anything.

He's four years old, has been neutered, usually eats felix wet food pouches, we also give him dry biscuits and dry treats which he loves & he occasionally eats smoked salmon. There's always a bowl of water out which he drinks from and is changed regularly.

I don't think he's eaten anything this morning, won't eat treats. We called the vets and she said to give him warm chicken which I'm about to do.

Has anyone else experienced this? He's a house cat and doesn't go out.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 14-Feb-15 11:07:06

I'd just take him in, when ours does this he's usually got an infection from a fight wound.

cozietoesie Sat 14-Feb-15 11:34:26

I'd take him in. It sounds as if he might be running a temperature for some reason.

Micah Sat 14-Feb-15 11:36:02

I thought the wet nose thing was dogs? None of my cats have wet noses?

If you're worried take him in.

gamerchick Sat 14-Feb-15 11:38:17

Vets today. That coupled with purring would worry me and I would want it checked out.

thecatneuterer Sat 14-Feb-15 11:48:38

Yep. Vet today. Purring is often a sign of pain - it's a sort of self-comforting mechanism. There is something very wrong.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 14-Feb-15 12:53:59

Thanks think that's the best thing too.

cozietoesie Sat 14-Feb-15 19:28:22

How's he doing?

fuzzywuzzy Sun 15-Feb-15 14:37:37

He's still at the vets, they think he has fluid around the heart, apparently it's common in cats his age. DP said he looked perkier and he is drinking water.

They want to do an X-Ray, but the surgerys been very busy with emergencies.

The fact it's a common condition gives me hope he'll be fine with treatment. It came on so suddenly he's usually so cheeky and curious it was heartbreaking seeing him just lying down all listless.

cozietoesie Sun 15-Feb-15 15:23:35

Crikey - and thank Goodness you took him in.

Is the vet running tests on him as well as the X Ray? (eg full bloods, urinalysis etc.)

fuzzywuzzy Sun 15-Feb-15 16:42:23

x-ray was last of a whole load of tests.

They're keeping him for observation.

He's on diuretics and aspirin for now.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 15-Feb-15 16:44:34

Thank you all for your help and concern.

I've not been with DP long (they're his cats), it's like one of the DC being ill. So awful.

cozietoesie Mon 16-Feb-15 22:37:30

How is he doing?

fuzzywuzzy Wed 18-Feb-15 11:45:45

He's home, he's looking tiny tho, apparently he wouldn't eat at the Vets, they had him for a couple of days for observation.

He's on pill's two types to be taken three times a day, but he's following us around doing the big eyes treat me I'm such a cute kitteh thing, we've been told he should drink lots of water as him passing water will reduce the liquid around is heart, they don't want to drain it.

He's active and eating and drinking and being madly fussed.

Need to get him insured ASAP as the Vets fees are eye watering.

cozietoesie Wed 18-Feb-15 12:16:09

Did they give him fluids at the vet?

Good luck to him.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 18-Feb-15 13:14:25

Yes he was on drips, they shaved the front of his right leg to put the drips in, and he uses that paw to wash is face and I think it's causing him discomfort sad.

Apparently he'll always have this condition.

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