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Cat bed big enough for two?

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PoodleNoodle Thu 22-Jan-15 10:40:03

My two cats love to snuggle together, they sleep on the fridge at night but I'm not convinced they're cosy enough. Can anyone recommend a covered igloo-style bed they can both fit into?

Qwebec Thu 22-Jan-15 20:32:47

maybe look for that in the dog section of the store/your favorite website?

Optimist1 Thu 22-Jan-15 20:47:03

Agreed - I bought a medium-sized dog bed to accommodate my two.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 22-Jan-15 20:53:12

I got a lovely one from amazon which nobody sleeps in hmm

will find link in a sec

Wolfiefan Thu 22-Jan-15 20:54:19

Our one remaining cat fits nicely on our super king sized human bed!!

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 22-Jan-15 20:55:01

Having said that...

of my 3, one sleeps in the tiny bed I got when she was a kitten, one in the enclosed bit of the very expensive carpeted cat tree I got intending to replace the cheap nylon one from Lidl, & one on top of the cheap nylon one from Lidl which I can't now get rid of

you might get a bed & find they still prefer the fridge grin

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 22-Jan-15 20:59:41

this is the one. it's lovely - I would use it if I were a cat

I actually bought 2 & had to give one away sad

it does get used once in a blue moon. My cats are sort of medium sized & 2 of them would easily fit in this medium bed if they were feeling cosy (but they never do)

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Thu 22-Jan-15 21:04:22

also have a look at zooplus

and ebay (where little cat's kitten bed came from - it's one with giant paw prints, about 10 down)

TheCat777 Tue 22-Nov-16 11:12:28

If your cats are of average size then you should choose a bed that is made for a big cat breed, Maine Coon, for example. I will recommend - all of this cat beds are pretty big. Take a look at the testimonials page with real photos of 2 cats in one Maine Coon bed.
Also, I would recommend you to choose THE MOST COMFORTABLE CAT BEDS ACCORDING TO SLEEPING STYLE AND TYPE OF BED. Some tips you can find here:

Toddlerteaplease Tue 22-Nov-16 12:32:16

Try lazy days pet beds. Their cushions are big enough for two and they can custom make to order. They are those same prices as the ones in pets at home, but much nicer and loads better than the ones from tigga towers. (I thought their stuff was a massive rip off when I saw them at a cat show) my two love their beds and I've also bought a cushion for my self as they are so nice!

FrickOnAStick Tue 22-Nov-16 12:35:09

I'd buy a dog bed.

Cat1 (who we lost over the summer) loved sleeping in a pet bed but cat beds are tiny so I bought a cosy one for smaller breeds of dog. He loved it. It seemed to have more padding than the cat ones too.

FrickOnAStick Tue 22-Nov-16 12:36:11

Cat2 sleeps on human beds/sofas/chairs. Not sure he realises he's a pet.

TheCat777 Tue 22-Nov-16 12:54:35

I definitely agree with you. When choosing the right cat bed for your cats you have to consider your cat's behaviors.

Toddlerteaplease Tue 22-Nov-16 20:09:12

Yes, thecat. One of mine prefers cushions. The other likes beds

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