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Antisocial cat problems...

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ParsleyCake Thu 22-Jan-15 10:00:03

I have a cat which does not get along with the other two cats I have. She is a neutered female, and the boys have been fixed.

I took her in to rescue her from a bad home, and over the years have trained her to be an affectionate but occasionally nippy kitty.

My financial situation has gone rapidly downhill recently, and it's beginning to looks like I can no longer afford my two bed house and will have to downgrade to a flat. I can't keep this one cat living seperately from the others in a flat, inevitably one will be restricted to a single room, which is unkind.

If I have to live in a flat, it's best for the cats if they have free range of the place, rather than being cooped up and segregated. If I have to get rid of a cat, it would be the badly behaved one, as I am less emotionally attatched to her as she can bite occasionally!

But I would rather not go down that road. Ideally, I would have all my cats get along.

Please help. In the past I have kept them together, but I soon realised that the naughty cat, despite seeming like she was doing ok, was peeing in my clothes cupboard, and on the sofa. Being used to the smell, I didn't realise until someone pointed it out - mortifying! Clearly she was unhappy living with the others.

More recently, she has put up with being put with my other cats - until she scratched one of the boys and nearly took his eye out! I now keep them apart all the time.

Please help. How can I make my cats get along?

cozietoesie Thu 22-Jan-15 10:55:54

I'm afraid that I'm pessimistic after the length of time they've all been together.

Seniorboy lived with The Lodger with a cordon sanitaire for nearly two years - with only the odd spray - but when they came to this house, which hasn't got the same facility for division, he gritted his teeth and started playing up. One (large) room to himself didn't work for him: he knew that The Lodger was in the house and that knowledge seemed to be enough to make him feel really mean.

The Lodger was a quite delighful and sociable cat who tried all his best behaviours but Seniorboy despised and detested him - he's old and cantankerous and just doesn't like other cats. Many cats don't.

Other posters may be more positive though.

chockbic Thu 22-Jan-15 13:45:52

Sounds like a challenge!

You could try Feliway or Zylkene? For the crotchety puss.

I guess you will have to weigh up everyone's quality of life.

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