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My cat keeps attacking my DD - any way I can stop this.

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PancyFants Wed 14-Jan-15 08:19:34

My cat is 4yrs and we've had him since he was a kitten, from cats protection. He is an indoor cat at their recommendation.

He's always been a bit more cheeky with my DD., but in the past few months he's really been quite vicious.

For example if she is sitting watching TV he will jump up behind her and pull her hair or jump on the couch and bite her head. He'll also just randomly walk over and bite or scratch her (drawing blood) but this is happening almost daily now. He will often sit and stare before pouncing.

He doesn't do it to me at all.

I've been trying to give him a spray with water when I catch him or put him out of the room.

DD (who is a teen) is getting really frustrated and her feet, legs, arms are all scratched. He was originally her little cat.

Any advice on how to stop this as it really can't go on. He definitely thinks he is the boss of her!

QueenFuri Wed 14-Jan-15 10:02:22

Our kitten does this too DS1 a lot, usually he is sitting quietly she will attack, I think its her weird way of getting him to play. Get your DD too hiss at the cat when it attacks might put it off a bit.

RubbishMantra Wed 14-Jan-15 10:22:26

Does he get much play-time? I have a bitey bastard and he's calmed down a lot since I realised how important play is to them. Especially an indoor cat.

The Flying Frenzy is the best interactive toy, I reckon. My two are mad for it.

PancyFants Wed 14-Jan-15 20:45:04

I will get dd to try hissing.

He gets a fair amount of play, we have some similar toys to the one in the link (tho pound shop version! grin)

It could well be boredom or just wanting dd to play but he's been so vicious dd now sits in her room with her door closed when she gets home until I do. She is covered in scratches.

Hissing and more attention I'll try that thanks!

StillProcrastinating Thu 15-Jan-15 20:10:13

My cat used to do this to me when I was a teenager. When I was in the shower, she would wait at the other end of the hall, and when I came out she would go for my bare ankles. I could always tell when she was going to do it, because she had that cat crazy look in her eye. I used to yell for mum to come and pick her up.

It used to hurt like anything, but it was so funny. And it was only me that she did it too. I think she just used to think I was her equal, and she was getting me to play.

She was an awesome cat through. Appreciate if your daughter doesn't find it funny or endearing then it's just actually quite painful. With us, I definitely took it as misplaced affection ��

EssexMummy123 Thu 15-Jan-15 23:33:51


Mountjoy Thu 15-Jan-15 23:55:23

My cat sits and stares when he wants attention, physical exercise, a game. Your cat sounds under stimulated and in need. He used to be her little cat.

Get that great toy rubbish linked to, and some cat nip. Get your cat happier! She can have her littke cat back, with some love and effort!

Sometimes I get snipey when in need of attention and action, too!

RubbishMantra Fri 16-Jan-15 06:27:52

No supersoaker! shock That will make any cat, especially indoor only, feel more angsty in his own home. Therefore resulting in more unwanted behaviours.

Mine are indoor/outdoor cats, so have the great outdoors and each other to chase about. They get a couple of play sessions a day, with the old flying frenzy/scrunched up paper/squeaky mouse/drinking straws (you get the picture). They like interactive play because it allows them to show off their hunting prowess and MadSkillz. grin

Cats need to fulfill their prey-drive. They're programmed to stalk and pounce. They get stressed and angsty if they have no outlet for it, and will utilise their humans as hunting objects, resulting in scratches and bites.

That's why interactive play for cats is absolutely necessary. Also good to finish off a play session with a food treat. That completes the hunt/kill/eat cycle for them.

bonzo77 Fri 16-Jan-15 06:51:40

Any reason the cas has to be an indoor one? I'd be looking at getting it to go outside sometimes if it's safe to do so. My cat is also 4 and has her crazy moments. She's a very nervous, skittish type, but when she's feeling confident and relaxed she can play very rough.

LouiseBrooks Fri 16-Jan-15 22:38:03

My cat is almost 14 and he does this kind of thing to me periodically. He is not an indoor cat incidentally. His ears prick up and I know he''s about to have a go but tonight he went bonkers out of the blue and really lacerated my arm savagely, far worse than he's ever done. I put him outside the room for a bit because that seems to calm him down and then brought him back in and he was absolutely fine. He's lying next to me now sweet as can be. I don't know what brings it on or what made him so savage tonight. My arm is scratched to buggery and I'll have the scars for days but if you saw him now you'd think butter wouldn't melt.

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