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14 year old - kidneys / thyroid - still playful on borrowed time

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sparkysparkysparky Tue 13-Jan-15 14:34:09

I'd had to give my cat up to DM when I got married - DH asthmatic. I saw cat regularly and paid for food, MOTs and booster jabs etc. DM had an accident in summer (all Ok now) and I took cat back. For various health reasons, DM can't look after cat anymore and so cat's with us forever now. DH coping. DC happy if a bit miffed at shy cat who is friendly on its own terms. But cat has serious age related health problems. Hyperthyroidism and early stage kidney failure. Before all this kicked off we booked a summer holiday abroad (first time abroad for DC -8 yrs old). When I got diagnosis I thought 14 yr old cat unlikely to make it to summer and I would have to pts. But with med and prescription food cat has rallied. She has even started a regular play session when Dc in bath. She vomits bile or food 4 mornings out of 7 per week but eats, drinks and uses litter tray normally. Her mood seems good. She grooms herself with ease. My dilemma is: dare I risk a cattery for 3 weeks in summer and the chance she might deteriorate when I'm not around to make decision? I'd hate to pts my old pal too soon but I don't want her to be ill with strangers.

BirdintheWings Tue 13-Jan-15 14:38:29

A 14-yr-old cat with thyroid problems could be with you for years yet <glares at scrawny 18-yr-old cat sharing desk space>. I'd hesitate to put one in a cattery because she's presumably quite old and frail. Can you persuade anyone to come to the house and do pills twice a day?

sparkysparkysparky Tue 13-Jan-15 14:47:11

Luckily she's down to once a day for pills but, sadly, no, there's no one I could give the job to. She's a timid cat albeit one currently basking in sun on DH ' S side of the bed (I won't tell if you don't). She's a bit stiff but still able to leap up etc. My cat that I had as a child got to 19 but one day everything just went - back legs, continence etc. I would hate that to happen to this lady when I wasn’t even in the same country.

RubbishMantra Tue 13-Jan-15 16:56:08

How about a professional cat sitter? You can get one in a couple of times a day for cheaper than costs of a cattery.

jaspercat2002 Tue 13-Jan-15 16:56:38

What about a professional cat sitter? Might actually be cheaper than a cattery and your cat will probably be happier in her own home. You could try asking at your vets - one of the part time vet nurses at our surgery also does cat sitting visits and is able to do pills as well so worth asking if they know of anyone maybe?

sparkysparkysparky Tue 13-Jan-15 17:59:26

Thank you for your suggestions . I'll give it some thought. The downside is that my cat is very nervous with anyone but me (has softened to DH and DC ). She may well just run scared.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 13-Jan-15 18:52:40

Ask your vets if they could suggest a cattery. We have a couple who are brilliant with these older cats.

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