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Cat is ill and missing

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tawnyowlsrock Mon 12-Jan-15 14:44:55

Not been eating last few days
Now haven't seen him today so far

chockbic Mon 12-Jan-15 16:36:41

Sorry to hear this.

Have you asked your neighbours?

tawnyowlsrock Mon 12-Jan-15 16:48:29

Yes still no sign

thecatneuterer Mon 12-Jan-15 16:50:21

When cats feel very ill, as though they may be dying, they tend to try to hide themselves away. He may even be hidden somewhere in your house. Have a really good look - under things - inside things - in the understairs cupboard etc etc. Then really search outside - again anywhere vaguely hidden. Then ask all your neighbours to do a similar search - or ask them to let you into their gardens to have a look yourself. Good luck.

tawnyowlsrock Mon 12-Jan-15 18:14:44

He came in the ran off

bonzo77 Mon 12-Jan-15 18:23:21

Sorry to hear this. We had similar. She eventually returned, I think she changed her mind and wanted to die at home. She was in such a bad way I took her straight to the vet to be pts. She was only about 6 iirc. I really Hope you have a happier ending.

RubbishMantra Tue 13-Jan-15 11:19:32

Any sign of him yet Tawny?

chockbic Tue 13-Jan-15 15:01:33

You could try your local vets?

Hope you find him.

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