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Introducing a new adult cat using the "chuck him in and let them sort it out" method.

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GratefulHead Mon 12-Jan-15 10:35:04

Okay I totally realise this is not the idea way of introducing adult cats but this was an emergency.

I have just taken in my parent's six year old Ragdoll, I love him to bits and always have. However, he sprays regularly at home, my Dad is in the early stages of dementia and is not coping with it. My poor Mum is having to cope with my Dad getting all stressed about the spraying. Over the years they have tried everything and we suspect he might do better as an only cat for someone. Before they do this though I wanted to try a change of home and scenery. He was the eldest cat and their two other cats came in after him. I am bringing him into a home which already has two cats in it to see if that changes things. I suspect he is always asserting his dominance to the two newcomers...albeit this has been for the past 4-5 years.

I have a friend who runs a cat rescue so I know she will help if needed but what I don't want is to have him being pushed from pillar to post as successive owners struggle with the spraying (if it continues)

So he has had Feliway and alternatives (made no difference).
Medication to help him feel less stressed.
Rescue Remedy etc.
Our lovely vet has said a change of scene can sort it sometimes hence me trying him out here.

Mum and Dad clean as soon as he sprays and part of me wonders if that is part of the issue....that he is re-scenting those areas. I do wonder about leaving an initial spray so it gives him a sense of dominance,....or am I thinking out of my arse haha?

Anyway....he is here, I have no room to confine him in and have put him upstairs in my bedroom with all his stuff. I have lots of stuff from mum and Dads so lots of familiar smells etc. Both my cats have met him now....he touched noses with one and there was a bit of growling. The other cat has a tail like a brush but I am largely leaving them to get on with it and sort it out.

Any pearls of wisdom regarding spraying are welcome.
Any other tips for helping him and my other two get to know and accept one another also welcome.

Both my other cats are rescues so have lived with other adult cats in the past.

I am keen to make it as cat friendly as possible here for the the moment both other cats have their own definite areas of the house and although it's only a two bed place it's roomy enough for the three cats to have space. I also have a garden they can use in the summer.

chockbic Mon 12-Jan-15 12:19:59

I guess if the spraying is due to dominance you will find out fairly soon!

Some info here:

Hope it works out for you and puss.

isseywithcats Mon 12-Jan-15 14:13:02

might sound a daft question is he neutered as neutered cats dont spray half as mugh as whole cats do

GratefulHead Mon 12-Jan-15 15:04:47

Thanks, it's not a daft question. Yes he is neutered.

I have put him no 1 could not care less and went back to sleep. cat no 2 usually sleeps in my bedroom. No prizes for guessing where new kitty has taken up residence. Every time cat no 2 enters the bedroom he tells her to f**k off. She is petrified.
If it's dominance then I suspect he will be the dominant cat.

I love cats and believe they are taken on for life if at all possible. I will work with him to sort the spraying out. If he wants to be dominant then I suspect he will be. Both my girls are wuss puss cats.grin

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