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How to stop cat from weeing on wooden floor

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Juniper44 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:18:58

I am reaching the end of my tether with her, not that she seems to care.

I have a 6 year old tortie who has always been fairly anxious and clingy towards me. She once got cystitis because I went on holiday and left her with DP just after we moved in together (she's known DP since she was a kitten, incidentally).

Over New Year and Christmas we were away, so we hired a cat sitter to come and feed / stroke both cats. When we got home, there was a giant fresh poo and pool of wee on the kitchen floor near the backdoor. We have a litter tray outside (it's a covered one) and a cat flap, but I guess the litter tray had got too dirty for her liking.

I was annoyed, but I guess it was our fault for not thinking about the cleanliness of the litter tray.

The problem is, she has continued to wee and poo on the same spot, even when I'm in the room! She doesn't seem distressed by it. I am, though!

The wood is oak but the varnish has pretty much come off as it's the same patch that DD's highchair covers, and it gets sprayed with cleaner a lot. Consequently, the wee is really soaking in and the entire room stinks.

I've tried using Dettol, pine disinfectant, CIF lemon cleaner (which stripped the wood- woops) UrineOff and malt vinegar, as well as a steam cleaner, yet she continues to wee there.

My DD is 15 months old and the kitchen is our house's 'hub' so she and I spend a lot of time in here.

What can I use on the wood, bearing in mind that it's no longer water tight?

And does anyone want a tortie?! angry

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:27:36

The dettol & pine disinfectant attract cats to wee. It's like a giant "wee here" sign.

There's specialist cleaners for cat wee in pets at home or amazon etc.

Does she have two clean trays? The recommended ratio is one tray per cat plus one spare.

I'd find a good cattery for the next holiday.

Juniper44 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:42:35

The other cat doesn't use the litter tray, so the litter tray is just for her. We did have it inside originally, but there's really nowhere for it to go where DD won't get into it, and the cat is more than capable of going outside.

We tried Urine Off, which I bought from Amazon, but it doesn't seem to have helped sad

chockbic Sat 10-Jan-15 19:46:45

I would say that she feels more comfortable pooing/peeing indoors.

DustBunnyFarmer Sat 10-Jan-15 19:53:56

If the trays are outside, how do you know other cats aren't using them? She might have been displaced by visiting toileters. Also, Fluffycloudland is right about commercial cleaning products (due to ammonia content) smelling like another cat has weed there. The cat will be drawn to weeing there to mark her territory, then over marking the "intruder" every time you clean. Have you tried directly covering the spot with a clean litter tray? If she starts weeing around it, that would back up a territorial marking issue. If she starts using the tray, that would suggest interlopers or unhappiness with her current tray location.

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