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My cat has been run over - so upset

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Ruth10 Tue 06-Jan-15 00:07:23

We found out today that our 1 year old cat who has been missing for a couple of days was run over. A neighbour told us that he saw him dead on the side of the road.

He was such a loving, friendly, full of life cat. So affectionate. He loved being outside and exploring, I guess that's what got him in to trouble.

I am just so sad, I haven't stopped crying all evening. I just really hope he died instantly or quickly I can't bear the thought that he had a slow painful death.

I'm sure some people think he's just a cat but he was part of our family. I already miss him so much sad

DrElizabethPlimpton Tue 06-Jan-15 00:15:58

I'm sorry, you must be heart broken. flowers

I'm sure your cat didn't feel anything, not that that helps much.

patienceisvirtuous Tue 06-Jan-15 00:18:02

Rip lovely boy. I'm so sorry OP. xx

babyboomersrock Tue 06-Jan-15 00:21:42

I'm so sorry. He probably died instantly or he'd have crawled away out of sight, so the fact that he was found at the side of the road means he wouldn't have known anything.

Will you be able to bury him and make a little memorial for him? My cats are in the garden, under a favourite tree, with a tiny stone cat marking the place. If that's too twee, what about planting a flower or shrub in his memory? I found doing that allowed me to have a good cry, and it's a comfort now when I look at that bit of the garden.

OddFodd Tue 06-Jan-15 00:24:36

I'm so very sorry. You must be devastated to lose him at such a young age but I also think that he must have died very quickly which I hope gives you some comfort.

YesICanHearYouClemFandango Tue 06-Jan-15 00:27:27

Your post made me cry! That's so sad. I would be exactly the same as you - he was part of your family, like you say. I hope it gets easier for you very soon. Be nice to yourself thanks

Millli Tue 06-Jan-15 00:28:04

So sorry. You must feel so heartbroken. Our pets are a big part of our lives aren't they. We know their little ways and expressions. x

farendofafart Tue 06-Jan-15 00:36:00

Oh no, so young sad

He had a good life thanks to you. Better a short happy life than a long miserable one.

53Dragon Tue 06-Jan-15 00:38:52

I'm so sorry - I once had a little cat that was run over at about 9 months old - we'd only just started letting her out. She was such a cutie.

Ruth10 Tue 06-Jan-15 00:46:03

Thank you everyone for your kind words, I do hope that the fact he was by the road side means that it was quick, it does help a bit.

Farendofafart, thank you, he did have a short happy life I think, he was one of those cats who appeared to think everything he came across was a massive adventure, chasing his sister, playing with balls, chasing butterflies, having cuddles, stretching out by the fire, he seemed really happy.

I think him being so young is what is so hard, he had so much more life to experience and so much more pleasure to give us.

Babyboomersrock - the neighbour called the council to take away his body (they didn't know he was ours) so we can't bury him but I like the idea of having a special place in the garden.

Thank you again everyone you are being so kind.

RubbishMantra Tue 06-Jan-15 06:40:46

Oh bless you. Cats really are family. Sounds like it was quick, no suffering.

He sounds like such a happy little character.

SecretNutellaFix Tue 06-Jan-15 07:01:00

I'm so sorry- we had two hit by cars and they both died instantly. One was picked up by a friend of a neighbour and buried in their back garden amongst their own pets. The second fellow was sitting on the pavement when the driver deliberately swerved onto the pavement to hit him- my mum's friend whose house backed on to ours saw it happen. He went instantly, and she brought him home. Not a mark on him.

It's going to hurt- for ages after Ebony died (cat no 1) I used to hope he'd come home and climb inside the piano at midnight waking everyone up. That was 16 years ago.

bugblatter Tue 06-Jan-15 21:32:04

I'm so sorry - our little just over 1 year old cat was killed on the road 3 weeks ago and I still expect to see her greeting us when we return from school. Your cat sounds very much like ours, very affectionate (to every human she met) and a real outdoors cat. She was sitting on the verge hunting voles in the hedge when some guy came speeding past (overtaking someone else) and clipped her. She was killed instantly and the guy who was overtaken rang our bell and told us which are the only good things.

Would give anything to have her back knocking pieces of lego under the sofas. They are real characters and will be

FoxgloveFairy Tue 06-Jan-15 21:34:48

I am so sorry

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 06-Jan-15 21:40:40

Jesus Christ Nutella I hope she got the bastard's number. shock

Sorry for your loss of your little cat op. flowers

Ruth10 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:48:40

Thank you everyone. I'm sorry for all your losses too. It is so sad sad

Nutella, I am speechless how can someone hurt and poor defenceless animal on purpose. I am shocked by the cruelty of it! That must have been so hard to move on from

SecretNutellaFix Wed 07-Jan-15 17:17:32

He was not a well man.

Local taxi driver. He commited suicide six weeks later.

Greyhound Wed 07-Jan-15 17:19:57

So very sad sad Sorry for your loss sad

Greyhound Wed 07-Jan-15 17:21:26

Nutella - that is awful sad Even if the cunt had mental health issues, it's not fair to take it out on a poor little cat sad

Wishyouwould Wed 07-Jan-15 18:10:20

So sorry for your loss OP flowers my heart goes out to you x

maxybrown Wed 07-Jan-15 19:54:04

So sorry sad

Our cat got hit in October and my heart is still breaking.

I found him on our drive, I couldn't even breathe sad

We actually have cameras up and we saw it happen on there. He was a big daft dopey cat and he just sat there, the car wasn't going fast, it was dark and they prob thought, oh my that cat didn't move, looked in their mirror where they would have seen him running away - yep onto our drive to die sad. Not a mark on him either. He never stayed out overnight but I couldn't get him in so I blamed myself at first for not looking hard enough. It was only when we saw it on the camera that we realised he was already dead long long before we shouted him in and because it was so dark we just didn't notice him on the drive - obv I wasn't looking for a dead cat in the dark - sob.

I have to try and not think about it too much as I fear I will start crying and not stop. He was so daft and so shouty and we loved him tremendously so I completely understand how you feel.

Sending big cat hugs

HeyheyheyGoodbye Wed 07-Jan-15 20:00:16

I'm so sorry OP sad How terrible flowers

JaniceJoplin Wed 07-Jan-15 20:15:17

This has happened to me too. Our cat was the same age. In our case the driver who hit her took her to the vet although she had gone very quickly so we were contacted that way and found out what happened.

I actually left a shrine to her on the pavement, a flowering plant and her picture tied to the road name sign. I left it there for a few weeks.

I'm sure my neighbours thought I was barking, but I didn't care. Her burial was rather dramatic too, involving lots of my and her favourite possessions, books, photos, my favourite sweater.

I just thought fecking hell if I have to grieve I may aswell do it in style. It's so hard. I cried every morning for weeks and weeks and still I get very sad.

I went flipping forensic at the scene of the crime, I found a glove and thought it might have been involved. The driver never owned up and I have recreated in my head what happened many times.

We eventually got another kitten but unfortunately he died suddenly too, from an illness we did not know he had. I'm not sure I can have another pet now.

Truly tragic. Both were wild crazy cats and enjoyed the outdoors. I just think they are running on the rooftops in heaven where there are no cars.

I am very sorry for your loss.

timtam23 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:09:26

I'm so sorry Ruth he sounds lovely

Also sorry for everyone else on the thread who has had a cat run over. So sad to lose a pet this way flowers

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