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Are there any pet insurance companies you would recomend/avoid?

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WUME Mon 05-Jan-15 12:48:45

I need to set up cat insurance for my two kittens.

Anyone had any good or bad experiences?

TheTravellingLemon Mon 05-Jan-15 12:50:44

We have had direct line for nearly 15 years and it's been fine. We've claimed a few times with no problems and it's fairly reasonable.

TheTravellingLemon Mon 05-Jan-15 12:52:29

By the way, writing this has made me think. shock I can't believe lemon kitty is nearly 15! She still looks like a kitten herself grin

AngelCauliflower Mon 05-Jan-15 13:11:37

I have John Lewis pet insurance. My mum recommended it, I haven't had to claim yet.

Dollyemi Mon 05-Jan-15 13:14:31

Avoid animal friends, often the cheapest but terrible service. I've heard pet plan are the best

peckforton Mon 05-Jan-15 20:23:43

We have Morethan and have had no problems.

demolitionduo Mon 05-Jan-15 22:18:11

Tesco here- several claims, all hassle free.

coppertop Mon 05-Jan-15 22:21:29

I have Pet Plan.

I've claimed 4 times and they paid up very quickly with no problems.

AnnieLobeseder Mon 05-Jan-15 22:25:00

Another warning to avoid Animal Friends. They offer a good price and make you feel all warm and fuzzy with their promises to spend all their profits on animal welfare. But they refused to pay out for DDog's neurological condition. They said it was "behavioural" and therefore not covered, despite various letters from the vet explaining that it was nothing to do with behaviour. The nurse said they're the worst company the practice deals with in terms of weaseling out of claims. Stay well away!

KareninsGirl Mon 05-Jan-15 22:29:50

My fur babies are with pet plan. haven't had to claim yet.

DishwasherDogs Mon 05-Jan-15 22:31:36

We were always insured with petplan, they were pricey but well worth it, never had any bother at all through several claims over 15 years.

We've recently switched to direct line (costs the same for 2 dogs as petplan did for 1). Have got a massive bill currently waiting to be claimed for (puppy swallowed a fruit shoot lid), so I'm hoping it'll be as good as petplan.

strawberrypenguin Mon 05-Jan-15 22:33:48

I use Tesco, have had to claim once and they were really easy and paid out fast, reasonable monthly payment too.

animaniac Mon 05-Jan-15 22:35:09

Experienced Sainsburys (fab, numerous claims all dealt with quickly and paid out) and now with Argos (so far so good but no claims so far so can't comment on that front).

PinkSparklyJumboStocking Tue 06-Jan-15 15:01:12

My Mum had her dog insured with Sainsburys and they always paid out really quickly. She ended up cancelling it though because the price went up to £100 a month.

Harry is insured with Petplan. He was with Animal Friends but I moved him after reading about them on here. I can't really comment on either as thankfully I've never had to claim.

hiddenhome Tue 06-Jan-15 17:23:07

We're with Petplan. My vet advised against Animal Friends.

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