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Hypoallergenic food recomendations, please

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ChristinaMatthews Sat 03-Jan-15 20:43:46

1 year old male cat has scabby skin around his neck area.Vet says its likely to be allergy to food and suggests putting him on hypoallergenic food.

Haven't a clue what to buy and as this is quite pricey would like some recommendations.

AngelCauliflower Sat 03-Jan-15 21:06:42

I buy Burns dry food from zooplus. It is Hypo Allergenic.

fenneltea Sat 03-Jan-15 22:01:28

I have a cat with food allergies, she is worse on any dry food - even the hypoallergenic ones.

She also can't have any wet food in gravy and the only foods that she's been okay on are butchers classic tins, whiskas in jelly - the ordinary ones not the oh so or steamed/braised types and Felix as good as it looks, but not the doubly delicious or sensations varieties.

It has taken us about a year to find food that didn't trigger her allergy, and I'm not sure why the foods she is alright with are okay as I'm sure they 'shouldn't' be. It was all a case of trial and error, but she doesn't seem as bad as she's got older, and the minute her eyes or chin start swelling and she gets itchy scabby bits we can usually trace it back to something different she's eaten.

RubbishMantra Sun 04-Jan-15 05:12:28

Try a cereal free tinned food like Animonda Carny, can be bought from Zooplus. Us humans are often intolerant to grains, and we've had thousands of years to adapt, so it's not really surprising that our cats find them tricky.

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