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Pet insurance...what cover is best??

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Hellokittycat Thu 01-Jan-15 21:10:19

I can't figure out what I need! Am looking on money supermarket and there seems to be accident cover, time limited, per condition and life time cover.
Can't figure out which is a good general one that will cover for accident and illness. It's for a kitten. Does anyone know??

lookingforbaubles Thu 01-Jan-15 21:21:29

life time cover is a big yes, also ask your local vet which company they will deal with direct.

my vets will not agree to any treatment to be paid for direct from one or two of the big insurance companys as they have been let down by them constantly

i have just paid out 1k for an operation which could have been agreed/paid out direct from the insurance company if i was with another company, as it is ive had to pay and wait while they faff about with processing the claim!

I second lifetime cover, as it can be impossible to get insurance for older pets. And buy the best cover you can afford - we have ddog2 on Petplan's highest level,of cover, and we are so glad we do, because she needs surgery on both knees, as she has ruptured both anterior cruciate ligaments - and it is going to be about £2,500 per leg for the surgery, and her post-OP medications and rehab will be more on top of that.

Hellokittycat Thu 01-Jan-15 21:36:26

Ok thanks. I only got kitten today and haven't registered her with the vet yet. Will call tomorrow. So I'll wait till she is registered with vet and vaccinated etc and with vets advice on insurers I'll go for lifetime cover!

dobby2001 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:19:25

I would als check on quidco or one of the other cashback sites, as they often have good deals. I can recommend Healthy Pets insurance. We have one of ours insured with them, it was a special deal via quidco, very competitive and they paid our promptly when we had Florrie in the vets after she was lost for 3 weeks and needed IV fluids and nutritional support for a few days.

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