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Any top tips to help with kittens first heat?

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awaywego1 Sun 28-Dec-14 11:07:18

Poor little small cat ( 5 months) is having her first heat ..she's booked into be neutered in 4 weeks-I hoped that she would be neutered before this happened but it appears not-just spoke to vet and they won't do it any earlier.
She's constantly chirping and dragging herself on her tummy and is distracted and unsettled by her desire for a boyfriend. She's getting lots of cuddles and distracting with toys and she's got a hot water bottle but she's a bit fed up. Obviously she won't be going anywhere near the outside world grin

cozietoesie Sun 28-Dec-14 16:13:19

Nothing really, I'm afraid - although other posters may have suggestions. Just try to keep all doors and windows closed all the time as you're already doing.

If she gets out and DTD it should be taken care of by the spaying - I just have anxieties about cats in heat seeing a handsome bit of stuff across the other side of a road and heading off to party without thinking in the face of a 4x4.

Is your vet an intransigent 6 monther? (Some are.) Has s/he read this?

chockbic Sun 28-Dec-14 16:18:53

According to my vet, current thinking is earlier the better. So around 4 months of age. That is dependent on being a certain weight.

Is she a small kitten?

awaywego1 Sun 28-Dec-14 17:08:11

She is small for her age I think although the vet hasn't seen her since vaccines so doesn't know that. When I rang the vet they just said they wouldn't spay until she was out of heat and usually wait until 6 months but I didn't push it.
Being super careful about the doors and no windows open..i'm not massively keen about her going out until she is bigger anyway as she just seems too small at the moment.
She's settled down more today so fingers crossed. Thanks x

cozietoesie Sun 28-Dec-14 23:11:09

I never like to gainsay a vet - although they do have to talk through their reasoning with me. (I can hear the groans from eg Lone and Baking now!) Maybe print out the ICC cat policy statement (it's pretty authoritative) and leave it lying in the practice?

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