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Nighttime woes

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Galena Fri 26-Dec-14 12:11:16

So we have our two absolutely gorgeous Maine Coon kittens. They are now 17 weeks old and lovely. When they first came home they would climb the curtains, but seem to have learned 'No'. They do, however, love a bit of rough and tumble. They play fight, and if we say no and separate them, they just go straight back. They don't do it all the time, but a couple of times a day. They also have lively snuggle-up times. grin

However, since they've been allowed upstairs at night (1 week after they arrived, so about a week ago) they come onto our bed and fight, fight, fight. They ignore us saying no, if we chase one out of the room they come back and start again, the only way to get sleep is to shut them in the living room. During the day they will settle fine in our room, it's just bedtime.

Any suggestions?

isseywithcats Fri 26-Dec-14 14:18:48

simply shut them in the lounge overnight my lot are not allowed in the bedrooms that was the rule from day one and they soon get used to sleeping downstairs

Galena Fri 26-Dec-14 14:41:58

Thing is, we're happy to have them upstairs if they aren't fighting - and the plan is for the litter tray to move upstairs as we only have the living room and kitchen downstairs, so we'd prefer not to have the tray in either!

AngelCauliflower Fri 26-Dec-14 16:29:06

My cat was 8 months old when I got her. It took her a few months to realise my bedroom was only for sleeping in during the night. She now sleeps on bed rather than running about the bedroom making lots of noise. I kept putting her out in the hall when she disturbed me. Eventually she has got better at sleeping during the night.

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