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I never knew a cat's bite could be so dangerous.

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TheNewWitchOfSWL Thu 25-Dec-14 20:37:21

Today my sister went to feed someone's cat.
The cat attacked her and her hand swelled instantly. She went to A&E and was kept there straight away, will have a surgery tonight with general anaesthesia. Wow. Now I am reading stuff online and it is so dangerous that apparently it may cause the loss of the hand and even death.
My poor sister have so many plans for 2015 but even if she comes out of the surgery ok, she will still need at least 2 months of recovery, unable to use her hand, etc…
My own daughter loves cats and likes to pet the cats she sees on the streets. I will never let her do it again.
I am very shocked to be honest.

HoHonutty Thu 25-Dec-14 20:38:53

Wow, I didn't know they were so bad. I hope she's okay.

marne2 Thu 25-Dec-14 20:46:37

When I was a child our cat attacked my mum whilst she was carving a chicken, it was quite nasty and she had to go to hospital to be patched up.

juneybean Thu 25-Dec-14 20:47:27

Wow I've never heard of this and I'm often a teething ring for my furry children! Hope your sister is okay!

SpookTheFeline Thu 25-Dec-14 20:49:39

They can be bad, the teeth can push the bacteria pretty deep towards the bone. The antibiotics they give for it sometimes can be pretty rough, if they're ones that say take with food then make sure she does as the nausea can be impressive! Hope all goes well with the surgery and she's feeling better soon.

springbabydays Thu 25-Dec-14 20:51:08

It is scary but I'm sure it is down to the bacteria on the cat's teeth. A cat with healthy teeth should be quite a low risk I would think? I hope your sister will have a full recovery OP.

TheNewWitchOfSWL Thu 25-Dec-14 20:55:35

Her hand is infected and and the doctors have to clean everything inside before it spreads to the rest of the body. The bite was so dangerous because it was in the hand.
My sister has a lot of experience handling animals and the cat attacked her because it doesn't like the broom or the floor to be brushed, my sister was doing it and the cat attacked her. I am baffled how the owners didn't warn her.

TheCatsFlaps Fri 26-Dec-14 02:02:43

I've ended up with IV antibiotics because a scared wee mite got stuck in: I had to keep my arm upright for two weeks. It was pure agony to even lift the duvet to get into bed.

TheFirstSolo Fri 26-Dec-14 03:56:07

Even the human mouth is teeming with bacteria spring so a cats mouth even with healthy teeth is not a great thing for your flesh and bones to have contact with. A man died this year because he put his fingers into his mouth whilst he had some sort of injury to his fingers (cracked skin I think). It caused a heart attack I believe.

OP, I hope your sister recovers well and quickly. flowers

Hurr1cane Fri 26-Dec-14 07:10:17

I can believe it. I took in 3 Feral kittens this year. I took in 4 a couple of months previously but they were very young and lovely. The second 3 were a bit older and were awful at first. Their bites were horrific it made me realise how dangerous they can be when not tame. They were tiny tiny kittens and they really hurt me.

TranquilityofSolitude Fri 26-Dec-14 07:16:00

I've been bitten by a stray cat (he's now my cat but that's another story!). I was lucky in that he did not manage to get his teeth in as far as the bone but I still had 2 courses of antibiotics and had to go to hospital every day for a fortnight to have the wounds dressed and treated.

I hope your sister makes a speedy recovery.

CatCushion Fri 26-Dec-14 07:55:30

Our cat managed to get a cut on her own leg infected just by licking it. When you think they lick their bums, and all the dirt off their paws, it gives you an idea of the level of bacteria in their mouths.

So sorry to hear about your Dsis op. Hope she is fully recovered soon.

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