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Please check cats claws!

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fenneltea Sat 20-Dec-14 07:41:55

Just a quick request and I know it sounds a bit mad, but one of our cats has just had to go to the vets for an ingrown claw, she showed no signs of pain or limping, just occasionally held the paw up.

When I checked her poor little paw the nail had grown into the pad about half an inch and it was obviously infected as it was smelly. She is now home and must be much more comfortable, but it was surprisingly easy to miss - she'd even had a vet check a few days earlier where it wasn't picked up.

All my other cats have now had their paws checked, but I'd hate to think how many there could be with a similar thing and a quick look is all it takes. smile

cozietoesie Sat 20-Dec-14 07:50:14

I actually nip the tips of Seniorboy's claws on a very regular basis - he can't get them down himself so well these days because he has arthritis (which means he can't scratch his front ones properly) and only one back tooth (which means he can't gnaw his back claws.)

I know what you mean though - it's very easy to overlook. I usually hear clicks on the floor (hardwood) as a good clue to remind me.

I'm glad she's more comfortable.


fenneltea Sat 20-Dec-14 10:56:41

Hi cosietoesie I've never needed to clip claws before, but I think I'll need to keep an eye of this one, she's a new addition and very biddable bless her, it seems to just be one claw that was the issue, the rest are fine. I'd have lost my arm if I'd done to some of my others what she had to have done!

It's highlighted to me how well cats do hide pain and discomfort though, I'll be extra vigilant from now on!

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