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London cremation

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marthamydear Thu 11-Dec-14 02:09:52

Hello animal lovers,

I am asking if you can give me any recommendations for my cat's cremation? I sadly had to put my wonderful cat to sleep last Friday.

Does any cat lover (or indeed animal lover) have a suggestion of a reputable and reasonably priced service in London? individual cremation for a cat?

I could bury my cat in my garden if all else fails, but I would ideally like ashes. I have been quoted £170 from my vet - Is this an average price? I am willing to provide an urn or box.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

Many thanks x

RIP - Lee 2000 -2014

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 11-Dec-14 20:00:02

Poor cat, £170 sounds reasonable though especially for London.

I am sorry you've lost him.

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