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Cats wee smells, right?

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tippytap Wed 10-Dec-14 20:53:01

It really whiffs doesn't it?

I came home today and found a wet patch on my bed throw. It's a satiny material, so easy to spot. It hadn't gone through to the lining and didn't smell, but TippyCat had def been sleeping there as there was a cat-sized dent on the duvet.

I thought it might be from his paws/fur from dampness outside, but it seemed too much of a concentrated patch.

I'm left then with scent less wee.

Is this possible? Any other ideas?

HollyJollyDillydolly Wed 10-Dec-14 20:54:54

Licking/saliva. I sometimes always dribble in my sleep, maybe cats do too.

Passmethecrisps Wed 10-Dec-14 20:56:28

Sweat! My cat's paws sweat sometimes although usually when really stressed.

Cat wee reeks

tippytap Wed 10-Dec-14 20:57:34

I wondered about dribble.

Only other thing I can think of is that I fleaed him this morning with the stuff you put on the back of their necks. Patch didn't look oily though.

tippytap Wed 10-Dec-14 20:58:37


Could be that too.

Am v glad doesn't seem to be wee !!

InanimateCarbonRod Wed 10-Dec-14 20:59:02

Drool. I've got a kitty who drools in her sleep and sometimes leaves a large wwet patch grin

tippytap Wed 10-Dec-14 21:00:59


Thanks all, didn't think it was wee, but couldn't work out what it was. Just a quick sponge for the throw then rather than trip to dry cleaners x

TheSpottedZebra Wed 10-Dec-14 21:04:49

Y y to drool. One of my cats always dribbles a bit. The other one only dribbles sometimes, but when he does, it's quite a bit.

ouryve Wed 10-Dec-14 21:06:26

I bet he's been licking it.

Cat pee smells like blackcurrants gone sour.

CatCushion Wed 10-Dec-14 21:07:47

Could she have gone outside in the rain?

tippytap Wed 10-Dec-14 21:14:28

Why oh why would he lick it? I guess it's possible he licked it whilst grooming his tail.

Yes, he could also have gotten wet in the rain.

I feel a bit of an idiot now blush

CatCushion Wed 10-Dec-14 21:17:04

One of our cats used to suck and slobber on blankets. Not duvet covers though.

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