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What is better than Advantage?

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I did my three only 3 weeks ago... but today I have a suspicious itchy bite on my foot... and one of the kittens is scratching.

Anything better for fleas?

AnotherEmma Thu 04-Dec-14 21:13:02

Take them to the vets! The stuff the vet gives them is much stronger. Stronghold I think. And you might need to de-flea your house, Hoover carpets and wash bedding etc?

FushandChups Thu 04-Dec-14 21:33:48

I don't think Stronghold is recommended... I think you need to ask for Advocate which is vet prescribed but very very good!

Moln Thu 04-Dec-14 21:55:24

I got mine off the vets. Pestigon is what they supply

Advocate..sorry..that's what I get from the vets!!!

Still someone has a flea (or more!) I just did them all tonight and have hoovered upstairs (no carpets downstairs). First fleas in years :/

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