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Been advised to rehome - help please!

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98percentchocolate Thu 27-Nov-14 11:59:14

My beautiful 5 year old cat is desperately unhappy living here with us and our vet has advised that there is nothing else to do and that she should be rehomed. (We have another, perfectly happy, cat and an active 3 year old)
She is healthy and spayed and we want to direct rehome so that she won't go into kennels but nobody will help us. We've been told we need to rehome her ourselves.
Can anybody advise how to go about this? I don't want her going to just anybody, but somebody who will really love her. I'm going to miss her desperately but her happiness is more important than anything else so I want her to go somewhere that will really take care of her.
Can anyone help please?

Chattymummyhere Thu 27-Nov-14 12:12:59

As much as people hate it have you tried one of the local pet groups on your facebook?

Explain the reason why your rehoming and that its been recommend by the vets and that you want to find a loving happy her for her, that you will do a home check and want to meet the person at your home with the cat and then do a separate home check before you will let her go.

isseywithcats Thu 27-Nov-14 13:22:10

also charge a fee for the rehoming as the dog baiter fight people look for free pets i foster for a charity and have done private fosters but charged a fee fior the private ones the money going to the charity as a donation , cat is a good site, and homes for pets

Chattymummyhere Thu 27-Nov-14 13:57:39

I agree with a fee but don't set it too high kittens go for £10-£30 for moggys on my local ones.

98percentchocolate Thu 27-Nov-14 19:22:00

Thank you everyone - have found a branch of CP that will help with direct rehoming thankfully but if that falls through then will check out the Facebook page. Dog baiting is something I'm really scared of so really want to make sure I know she is going to a loving home.

Jadime23 Mon 01-Dec-14 01:50:58

Hi, I'm not sure where your based? If it is anywhere london maybe look at the Mayhew animal home? They run a home from home scheme. That way the cat will be assessed etc, potential rehomers will be interviewed and home checked. All from your own home. You will meet the adopters when they visit the cat at intros. The cat stays with you for the whole adoption process. Good luck x

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