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Stressed cat dilemma

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pocketsized Mon 17-Nov-14 19:16:43

Just wondering if the lovely mnetters can help me work out a difficult situation.

4.5 years ago we rehomed two lovely little kittens. They had been found abandoned and were very shy. We put a lot of time into taming them etc and they became very affectionate cats. They have however, always been very timid. They are scared of leaves blowing in the wind, sudden movements etc.

Since we adopted the cats we have also acquired a dog, who is not in te least bit interested in them, but who they are terrified of. We have tried all we can think of to get them used to him, but with no success. This has resulted in them spending all their time upstairs, as the dog is not allowed up there.

In theory this would be fine, however, over the past few years we have had to move quite a few times, and every time we do this they start to wee on things (beds, sofas, washing etc) - for months and months. We have had them checked by the vet and there is no underlying cause, she has put it down to stress and their nervous disposition. As a result though we have had to keep tem shut out of two bedrooms upstairs. However, I now pregnant, and the box too that was their sanctuary will have to become the nursery. Due to tem weeing on things they will have to be shit out of this room as well. This leaves them with very little space.

On top of that we will be moving again soon, and I think they will be terrified of the baby (they are terrified of any of my friends children)

I genuinely think it would be better for them to try and rehome them with a more suitable family - with no other pets and no children. I really think they are miserable here, and that they would love nothing more than To be lap cats to an old lady or something. I'm worried though that I'm one of those awful people thinking of getting rid of the cat because they are inconvenient....

What do others think? Any stellar ideas?

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

RubbishMantra Mon 17-Nov-14 19:21:18

Have you tried a Feliway Diffuser? Or a short course of Zylkene, until they feel more secure around the dog?

pocketsized Mon 17-Nov-14 19:30:34

Hi Rubbish

We have tried feliway, and didn't did it made any noticeable difference unfortunately. I will look into Zylkene though, we've not tried that. It's so frustrating because I'm convinced they would all be fine together, if only the cats had the guts to try it!

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