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Cat dental/anaesthetic issues and afterwards

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Fuzzymum1 Sun 16-Nov-14 21:25:46

Background story - one of the fuzzycats (4yo) had some tartar build up and it was recommended we have him anaesthetised and have his teeth cleaned.

Fuzzycat was duly booked in last wednesday for a routine teeth cleaning.
He was put under and all hell broke loose - he reacted badly to the anaesthetic, his heart rate dropped dangerously low and he went blue. Following atropine he stabilized then they cleaned his teeth and took out 2 they would normally leave but took out as they were likely to need removing eventually and they don't want to risk another anaesthetic in the future. He had another 'wobble' as they brought him round.

He was understandably very tired afterwards and slept almost 36 hours straight (waking up for food and drink etc) after the procedure.

When he went for his post op check on friday the nurse who assisted with the surgery said it was really really scary when he went blue.

He ate fine on thursday friday and yesterday but today hasn't been interested in food much (unlike him). He has mostly dry food with a small amount of wet but the vet has said to stop the wet food as it encourages tartar build up.

His breath doesn't smell, he's not pawing at his mouth and he doesn't feel warm.

I think I will take him in for a check up in the morning just in case there is a problem. Please keep fuzzycat in your thoughts, it's very unlike him to not want food.

thecatneuterer Sun 16-Nov-14 22:26:11

Poor Fuzzycat. I do hope he's OK. That's a worry for the future though isn't it? Perhaps now they know the problem they'll be able to do a safer sort of anaesthetic in the future should he need one.

Fuzzymum1 Sun 16-Nov-14 22:42:59

Thanks, he seems OK in himself just not wanting to eat.The vet has said that unless whatever he has is life threatening, then they will do everything they can to avoid it as he had a pretty extreme reaction sad He's only 4 and I worry that something will come up in his life that means we have to make a really tough choice re anaesthetic.

Fuzzymum1 Mon 17-Nov-14 10:47:38

He saw the vet this morning - he has lost 8% of his body weight since wednesday which is a huge amount even considering he's rather chunky. His gums are quite red but his temperature is normal.

The vet has said to give him wet food for a few days and has given him some antibiotics to mix in with it. So far he's not really interested in eating that.

Her concern is that the crash under anaesthetic has damaged his kidneys. If he's not improving when he goes back on wednesday then they'll take bloods to check his kidney function and other organ functions.

I'm a bit worried about him.

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